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Various tools available on website.

 Various tools available on website.

Over the past few months, I have been developing useful tools for practitioners. These tools are available FREE on my website:

This will allow both my students and non-students to plot the relevant chart for their practice. 

In addition, this will assist my students in their study. Instead of plotting the chart themselves, they can use the tools here based on the courses they subscribe to. 

Just note that, for those who took up my Qi Men Dun Jia program, I have another set of tools available to help them in their Qi Men Dun Jia practice. 

The list of tools available free are:

  • Plot QMDJ Chart
  • Plot Bazi Chart
  • Plot Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart
  • Plot Mei Hua Yi Shu Chart
  • Plot Flying Star Chart
  • Tong Shu Calendar

Plot QMDJ Chart 

By default, this will plot the current date and time Qi Men Dun Jia chart. You can choose other date and time (e.g. your birth date/time) and the relevant chart will be displayed. 

In addition, there is Previous and Next button that will move on to the previous or next hour chart. This is extremely useful if you are doing Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection.

The Now button will plot the current date/time chart.

The Close button will close the program.

 Plot Bazi Chart

This program will plot Ziping Bazi chart based on the 5-Element Bazi concept. The 5-Element Bazi info as follow:

The luck pillar and relevant years under the luck pillar is presented. When the year is clicked, the month and days are presented.

When the date is clicked, the information is presented (e.g. 4th May 1980 is clicked):

Plot Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

This will plot the Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart based on Master Kang's Si Hua Flying Star technique. There is a help page to describe some of the symbols in the chart:

The palace info as follow:

The number is used for easy reference. For example, 1=Self, 2=Siblings, 3=Spouse, 4=Children, 5=Wealth, 6=Health, 7=Travel, 8=Friends, 9=Career, 10=Property, 11=Mental, 12=Parents.

So, the number can be used for shifting palace reading. For example, 

Spouse palace= 2.2 (Sibling's Sibling), 5.11 (Wealth's Mental) etc.

To fly the star, click on the Palace of Heavenly Stems on the palace.
  • The Heavenly Stem with grey background means Fly out.
  • Star with Red background = Hua Ji
  • Star with Yellow background = Hua Ke
  • Star with Green background = Hua Lu
  • Star with Cyan background = Hua Quan 

You can click on the Zi Wei Dou Shu Star to find out the fly-in Si Hua information:
  • The star with grey background means fly-in
  • Heavenly Stem with Green background = Hua Lu
  • Heavenly Stem with Yellow background = Hua Ke
  • Heavenly Stem with Cyan background = Hua Quan
  • Heavenly Stem with Red background = Hua Ji

Plot Mei Hua Yi Shu Chart

This is used to plot Mei Hua Yi Shu chart. By default, it will use the current date/time based on lunar calendar using the Pre-Heaven Bagua to generate the Upper and Lower Gua. Red X marked the moving line. 

You can also select past or future dates and time to generate the Mei Hua Yi Shu chart. The Reset button is to reset the chart to default state. 

Options are available to generate chart based on:
  • Lunar calendar (default)
  • Earthly Branches - use Earthly Branches to generate Gua
  • Coins - you toss 3 coins two times and enter the info to generate the Gua
  • Serial Number - enter the serial number to generate the Gua
  • Number - random select a number to generate the Gua
  • Gua - random select a Gua

This is used to plot Flying Star and Bazhai chart based on facing and period information. Options available are: Period 1 to Period 9 and all the 24 mountains Facing. 

Tong Shu Calendar

Tong Shu Calendar is a calendar information based on Chinese Almanac or Tong Shu. The information is categorized by Year and month. Once the relevant month is clicked, the whole month info is displayed:

Hope you find the tools useful.

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