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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Zhèng Yìn (Direct Resource)

正印 (zhèng yìn - direct resource)  

In term of relationship, represent elderly, nobleman, supervisor. For a male, it represents mother. For a female, it represents grandfather or son-in-law.

If Zheng Yin is Useful God, this person will be bright and intelligent. Life with little misfortune, if has Guan then will be high moral integrity. Justifiable to hold high power. This person will normally benevolence and prefer to live simply. Wealth star means heavily sentiment, resource star attentively to human. Work with integrity, can study up to high level, intelligent, knowledge is profound and prefer to study.

If a lot of Zheng Yin, the person like to study, famous, artistic, religious, teaching, inventor nature comes naturally.    

If Yin star too strong, also Shi Shen, Shang Guan or Wealth Star too weak, lack off discharged by Shi Shen/Shang Guan, it means slow development in intelligence, slow in gasping concept. Means academic achievement not that good, character too honest and frank.      

If in Shi Shen/Shang Guan luck cycle, then can reduce the above disadvantage, then academic achievement will make improvement.

Yin strong, Shi Shen/Shang Guan weak, not good at doing business, therefore better don’t involve in managing business, better to assume office only or being a salary person.

Too many Zheng Yin means overly pampered by mother and become a spoilt brat and overly dependent (lack of independent)

Too many Zheng Yin also means health of mother is not good, because of some reason, the person will be brought up by someone else.

If Zheng Yin too strong, don’t have destiny (yuan) with children.

Officer and Yin penetrate thru Stems, will have prosperous and good life, good fame and reputation, can become a good leader.

Zheng Yin at Chang Sheng (Growth), means parents benevolent, merciful, kind and longevity.

Zheng Yin at Bath (mù yù), the person will keep on changing job.

Zheng Yin at Attire (guan dài), born in reputable family, will able to enjoy luxury.

Zheng Yin prosperous at Coming-of-age (lín guān), will have virtuous mother. 

Zheng Yin at Prosperity Peak (dì wàng), stand up among one’s fellow (become famous)

Zheng Yin at Ageing (shuāi), very difficult to expand.

Year Pillar has Zheng Yin as Useful God, born in rich family, good in study.

Month Pillar Zheng Yin, character kind hearted and benevolent, bright and health, seldom fall sick.

If Pillar has Pian and Zheng Guan, has good fortune life; If 4 Pillars don’t have Pian Cai, Yin not being clash (ke), literary work become famous (famous writer); If clash between Month and Day Earthly Branch, ancestor house withered.

Day Pillar Zheng Yin, spouse refine, honest, sincere and benevolent.

Hour Pillar Zheng Yin is favourable, children will be intelligence and filial. 

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Pian Guan (Qi Sha- Indirect Officer)

偏官(Pian Guan, Qi Sha, 7-Killing - Indirect Officer) 

Pian Guan also known as "sha", Qi Sha, in term of relationship, for woman it represent 偏夫 "Pian Fu" (2nd Husband or lover), for man it represent Son.

Qi Sha is similar to Zhen Guan in term of function, the difference is that Zhen Guan is using cooperative mean while Qi Sha is more toward competitive mean; more merciless.

If the Bazi is appropriate (favourable), and Sha Qi can be used favourably and usefulness, the person will prosperous throughout the life. Also a person with strong power and status has such formation. 

If the Bazi is inappropriate (unfavourable), for example, Day Master weak, unexpected disaster will come. If the Day Master is strong and the pattern is strange, as old saying: "weak Day Master that has Pian Guan, just like holding a dormant tiger" This is because person with Pian Guan is fast in action (agile), desire for power, good in political skill and act arbitrarily (impulse). 

Therefore, a lot of successful people has the Pian Guan chart type (ge). Also, people with this type of chart, when they think of an idea, they will straight away act on it, which is totally different from Zhen Guan type of people. 

If weak Day Master and strong Sha, the person will tend to do things to the extreme, rebellious, keep to oneself. If Day Master strong and Sha is favourable ( wang), daring and courageous in performing task, hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies but with dignity, the person has great potential.

Person with this type of chart, mostly unable to live steady life, they are mostly army personnel and politician.  If there is Pian Yin (Indirect Resources), the person can be in the profession of scholar, religious leader,  teacher, doctor, lawyer and artist.

Mostly people with Pian Guan chart type (ge), with strong Day Master, has the boldness, attractive, can endure humiliation, responsible, hardworking, quite comfortable in the competitive society. If Sha strong and Jie (same element as Day Master) weak, no affinity with siblings. If there is punishment relationship (Xing 刑克), no true friend will come and help. Because of this, there will be argument or conflict between friends and siblings. 

If there is too many type of Eating Sha (食制杀), the person will appear to be strong but timid inside and always get in trouble, suspicious and indecisive and unable to demonstrate his/her own strength, therefore can become a poor scholar. If the Officers (官杀) is complicated, the person marriage will be complicated.

Day pillar sitting on Sha and Officer Sha is complicated, there will be quarrel between husband and wife, very difficult to leave happily ever after. If Hour Pillar has Pian Guan, not a very good fate with children (less affinity). But if there is Eating God, children will most likely in the literary, art or army circles. They will obtain fame and prestige.

Year pillar has Pian Guan and weak Day Master and no control, it means grow up in poor family. If Pian Guan in Year pillar is being controlled, will probably born in the army family. 

Month pillar has Pian Guan and being controlled, life is good. 

Day Master Pian Guan, spouse is fierce, stubborn and hot tempered.

Hour pillar with Pian Guan as unfavourable element, children will not be filial.

If there is only one Pian Guan at hour stem and Day Master is strong also has Cai and Yin with no clashes, prosperous life. It is like the general who guard the stockpile - have unlimited resources.

Pian Guan unfavourable, career not smooth, Pian Guan favourable, prosperous, authority and high power.

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Shí Shén - Eating God

食神 Shí Shén - Eating God

In term of relationship, represent younger generation, students, subordinates; for female chart represent daughters.

4 characteristics of Shi Shen:

1.            Shi Shen with the help from Wealth, will enjoy success.
2.            Enjoy food and entertainment, going around to make connections
3.            Lazy, love to enjoy and hate work, no fixed job.
4.            Not thrifty, have the habit of spending money.

Prosperous DM together with prosperous Shi Shen, good income, enjoy good food, plenty of wealth, no need to worry about food, magnanimous (generous), whole life carefree. 

Too many Shi Shen/Shang Guan (Output), always in laughter, anger, sorrow, and happiness, cannot keep secrets, like to indulge in empty talk, if being task to manage enterprise (own business), because of optimistic character will cause the business to fail.

Shi Shen has 3 important functions:

1.            give birth to Wealth Star
2.            output (discharge) for DM or Bi Jie
3.            control Guan (Zheng Guan and Qi Sha)

If bazi has DM strong and prosperous Shi Shen, main chart has resource star next to (or near) DM, the person must have good digestive system, strong built, know how to enjoy good food, gifted in many aspect, bright and intelligence, handsome features.

DM weak meet (e.g. during luck) prosperous Shi Shen, not healthy – always sick, it also means that the person like to use his/her petty trick to cover-up his/her shallow knowledge. (i.e. talk big to cover up) This type of people normally low in IQ, would like to show off although lack of skill.

Shi Shen chart type person normally not very diligent, not very energetic to do things (cannot follow-thru), not very entrepreneur (don’t like to startup him/herself), don’t want to move out of conform zone and always want to enjoy only. However, this type of person has one good point, once this person decided to settle down, it will not float around anymore.

If there is too many Shi Shen, the person will be stingy, only think about one’s interest and don’t care about others.

If there is a lot of resource and DM strong, chart don’t have Shi Shen/Shang Guan (Output), Wealth Star weak, even with a bit of Shi Shen/Shang Guan (Output) but far away from DM, mid to old age in resource luck, Bi Jie around, this will be poor and frustrated life; If natal chart has strong Resource Star control or clash with Shi Shen, cut off wealth resource, this indicate poor life, serious case, die young or difficult to bring up.

Day Pillar that has Shi Shen and it is favorable, Hour Pillar has Zheng Yin, means there is possibility of difficulty in giving birth or miscarriage, old age lonely and solitary.

Male chart, both husband and wife always sick.

Shi Shen become prosperous, meet Wealth Star, bright children, husband become wealthy. 

Shi Shen become prosperous, Wealth and Guan become weak, son life become high maintenance, husband will not become wealthy.

Shi Shen become prosperous, DM become weak, has the possibility of pre-mature delivery.

Shi Shen at Prosperity Peak and also favorable, become a person with Fu, Lu, Shou (prosperity and longevity) 

Shi Shen at Ageing (shuāi), the person will less fortune.

Year Pillar with Shi Shen, career improve with receive help from ancestors, steady income.

Month HS Shi Shen supporting Guan, wealthy person, suitable to become politician or government officer.

Month EB sitting on Shi Shen, person fat and gentle.

Day EB sitting on Shi Shen, spouse fat, gentle and amiable, sufficient living (always have clothes and incoming). 

Hour Pillar with Shi Shen, enjoy old age.

Hour Pillar with Shi Shen and Zheng Yin on the same pillar, lonely.

Shi Shen in Grave (mù), die young.

Zheng Yin plus Shi Shen, suit to cooperate and teaching, Zheng Yin peculiarity: patient, attentive to others, Shi Shen willing to contribute, contribute with no string attached, gentle and cultivated. Fit nicely into the society, abiding citizen, but difficult to get rich.

Shi Shen control Qi Sha: Shi Shen main points is compassionate, non-aggressive, Qi Sha is aggressive and influential. Shi Shen is just the god to remove Qi Sha’s over-bearing and unreasonable. What’s left is the enterprising and positive influence, good for DM. 

Shang Guan with Shi Shen, the person is generous. Willing to contribute without any string attached. Prefer recognition than taking advantage.

Shi Shen being on the same polarity, easily contented. Don’t worry about the outcome but more on the participation. Too many Shi Shen become Shang Guan.

Good deliverable but selflessness. Participate but not worrying about own’s contribution. Compassionate and no expectation for returns. Can be no scheming in taking care of other’s pet.

Because Shi Shen can control Qi Sha and Qi Sha being hot-tempered, it fits nicely, Shi Shen don’t like to be autocratic and don’t like to compel one’s to do matters, reserved. Orthodox and tradition.  

In Bazi if there is too many Shi Shen, like to fantasize, emotional, easily get into dead-end.

Shi Shen has high mobility, good at communication, very good at artistic expression.

The job that Shi Shen can shine is job that require a lot of talking, sports, tourism, writing (e.g. books), dancing.

The different between Shi Shen and Shang Guan is that Shang Guan is more rigid, keep on changing, strange, fashionable, but Shi Shen is only easy going, normal living, pure.

Shi Shen is produce by DM and also weaken DM, DM’s longevity.  Shi Shen as Useful God, gentle and kind character, need food as useful.

No good if too much Shi Shen, love ease and hate work, don’t want to find a job, don’t have the spirit of “bearing hardship and endure suffering” type of drive. Unrealistic thinking, extensive interest, wide interest but not through

If Shi Shen drain DM too much, but if DM has resource that is bigger than EG, no need to worry.

Shi Shen sitting on tomb (12 Qi), die young, because Shi Shen is DM longevity, when there is Year/Luck restrain (ke) or weaken, very easy from weak to enter grave.

Shi Shen become fierce, won’t die young when there is Pian Cai, Bi Jian& Jie Cai help.    

Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches all has Shi Shen, not suitable for public job, female chart bully husband type, or female high-handed type.

Shi Shen and Qi Sha on the same pillar, powerful in controlling Qi Sha, be in power type.

Shi Shen at Year Pillar, blessing from ancestor.

Shi Shen sitting on Zheng Guan, have officer luck, Shi Shen is like enlightening a sitting officer. (Chinese phrase - 开道)

Female Chart has Shi Shen, prefer discharge and easy to go into uncertainty in life. Many marriage life. DM weak, very distinct. Because Shi Shen control DM’s Guan/Qi Sha, easily degenerate.

Yang DM with many Shi Shen, suitable to work in the service industry.

Shi Shen and Pian Yin on the same pillar, has miscarriage possibility.

Bazi don’t have Shi Shen/Shang Guan, behavior normally single-minded and don’t like change, If during the year of Shi Shen/Shang Guan, there will be changes, but changes doesn’t mean career, because Shi Shen/Shang Guan fight with Guan.

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Jié Cái – Rob Wealth

劫财 (Jié Cái – Rob Wealth)

In term of relationship, for male it represents sisters, for female it represents brothers, for both male & female it represent friends or same generation

DM prosperous wealth weak, Jie Cai prosperous, less affinity with father and wife, husband and wife no feeling with each other, not much communication, serious case will remarry.

Too many Jie Cai, is a selfish person, character cold-hearted, although appearance looks kind and appear to be able to accommodate others however the heart doesn’t act that way, therefore it is a person with dual-character. Not suitable for government service.  

If pillars have Zhen Guan, then can avoid the ill-fate, turn bad into good, also, all this while being regards as arrogant manner, can also being utilized as good leadership quality, thus, good career.

DM prosperous and Jie Cai prosperous, strong character, selfish, cannot start business with other people, if suitable being a technical person, army, spy or inventors, will create warm-hearted self and change the way of working.

If chart has Jie Cai, would like to engage in gambling or investment type of profession, for example, stock broker, like gambling, property agent. But, if really become a gambler, then will become lazy, have to take note.

People with Jie Cai prosperous will not be honest, difficult to keep money, therefore, people with Jie Cai prosperous, must be vigilance against oneself.

Jie Cai prosperous, have Shi Shen/Shang Guan produce Wealth, will willingly help people or concern about other people, good relationship with people.

Year pillar with Jie Cai, have elder brother, sister or adopted son, good at managing money, good brotherhood, unfavorable to get married.

Month pillar has Jie Cai, difficult to keep money, plan expenses ahead of salary, strong self-centered, worry about appearance.

Day pillar has Jie Cai, married late, no affinity to get married

Hour pillar has Jie Cai, no affinity with children.

Bi Jian & Jie Cai plus Zheng Cai, Zheng Cai is very practical, Bi Jian & Jie Cai has the “snatch” mentality. Self weak, wealth prosperous => lazy. Self prosperous, wealth weak, take advantage of people and forget about other kindness, sex maniac.

Qi Sha plus Jie Cai, suitable to become police or army. Qi Sha; awe-inspiring, overbearing, Jie Cai; strong desire to manipulate. Suitable in power and attack type.

Jie Cai is suppose to help me, but Jie Cai lost the intellect. Prosperous Jie Cai has intense manipulative, desire, impulsive. Not afraid to shed blood, independent, use action to solve matter, all this are Jie Cai.

Jie Cai is use to control Zheng Guan, this is because Jie Cai thinking is indifference (don’t follow law), won’t keep on thinking about issues, inner feeling won’t feel oppress, hash and rash, offensive.

People don’t disturb me but I cannot stop myself from disturbing others. DM prosperous with no resource, means need to rely on oneself only, nobody to help. DM prosperous with no control, many wifes restrain (ke) father, unconventional way of gaining power.

Jie Cai as Useful God, enthusiastic, frank, bold, opportunistic. Risk taking. Jie Cai a lot, DM prosperous, impulsive and act blindly. Hot-blooded, restrain (ke) wife and loose wealth. Subordinates don’t get well with each other and always fighting, break faith with somebody.

Bi Jian and Yang Ren (Goat Blade) on the same pillar, torture father hurt wife.

On the same pillar where Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch is Jie Cai, restrain (ke) father.

DM prosperous with Jie Cai and Shang Guan on the same pillar, it is a sign of calamity.

Jie Cai with Pian Cai on the same pillar, not favorable to father, male chart is the sign of remarry.

DM weak and Jie Cai being combined, siblings ruthless.

Charts with many prosperous Jie Cai, husband and wife easily quarrel and changes in marriage, if marriage is ok then wife will always sick.

Jie Cai a lot is no good, a lot of dispute and stubborn, Jie Cai like to create trouble with officer, children normally not filial, or kids bully father, or kids will meet misfortune.

Jie Cai at year pillar, good at managing money, righteous but marriage no good.

Jie Cai at Month pillar, difficult to keep money, like to gamble, like to scold people.

Jie Cai at Day Pillar, married late.

Jie Cai at Hour Pillar, no affinity with children, if with Shang Guan on the same pillar, harmful to children.

Bazi without Bi Jian and Jie Cai, one like to do everything oneself, everything rely on oneself, see to everything oneself and don’t like to join venture with others. Strong character, good career, good connections, but not much intimate friends, make use of each other.

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - bi jiān – Friend

比肩 (bi jiān – Friend)

In term of relationship, represent friends, brothers, same status, for female chart represent sisters.

Bi Jian stands for:

1.      Helpful assistant, easily manifest oneself.
2.      Have strong character, which is very obvious.
3.      Will seized all opportunity but cannot monopolize.
4.      Have fighting spirit towards the opponent.

DM strong, too much resources and too little Shi Shen/Shang Guan, wisdom and artistic talent will cram inside the brain, unable to produce, hence keep to oneself, have high standard on oneself, selfish, very difficult to get along with people.

Also Shi Shen/Shang Guan weak, unable to create wealth, laborious the whole life.

If utilized steadfast and unbending personality and independent, there is possible to be able to achieve good career.

Many Bi Jian and have Yin star, usually look down on people, very difficult to accept people’s help, usually other will assume this person is willful or selfish, strong character, strong self-centered, very difficult to compromise other people.

Also, Shi Shen/Shang Guan weak therefore cannot create wealth, naturally, whole life busy working hard.

If bazi has Guan and Qi Sha, this will lighten all the no good factors described above.

Self strong and day pillar sitting on Bi Jian and Heavenly Stems there is Jie Cai penetrating, the person has sad husband-wife relationship, wife or self frail (health not so good), always sick, lead improper life, most of the time head-strong and opinionated, flirt, husband and wife always fighting, very difficult to grow old together. 

Self prosperous and a lot of Bi Jian, 4 pillars no Guan and Qi Sha, would like to idle about and no sense of responsibility and with excess energy will create problems, easily hurt wealth and wife.

Bi Jian at Prosperity Peak, many brothers and sisters, eager to do well in everything, choose the easy way out, dislike Guan, not suitable to marry or become father.

Bi Jian at Ageing (shuāi), no affinity to brothers.

Year Pillar has Bi Jian, has elder sister or foster son, tendency to divide the ancestor fortune, poor in early childhood.

Month Pillar has Bi Jian, has elder sister or foster son, independent, good at financial management.

Day Pillar has Bi Jian, subdue (ke) spouse, marriage problem, married late, if day pillar Bi Jian meet clash (chong), spouse not suitable to travel.

Hour Pillar has Bi Jian, few children.

Bi Jian and Jie Cai plus Zheng Cai, Zheng Cai is very practical, Bi Jian and Jie Cai is dominating nature.

DM weak, Wealth prosperous, lazy.

DM prosperous, wealth weak, not righteous, lecherous. Bi Jian will assist of repel DM. Energetic but not rash, able to contribute to the society, slow in taking action, no fear in execution but not violent.

In 4 Pillar Bi Jian too prosperious, will means that strong self-respect, only think about himself. Stubborn, inflexible. Kindhearted, thickheaded and difficult to change, don’t want to be restrained, like freedom.

In 4 Pillar where Bi Jian too weak means easy listen to people, don’t have own judgment, easily influence by other people, weak character.

It represents: brothers, friends, colleague, skeleton, muscle.

In business it represent business partner, Bi Jian favorable, Earthly Branches has Bi Jian, steadfast and steady character, strong self-centered. 

4 pillars a lot of Bi Jian no control, bad relationship with brothers, too firm, stubborn, not good at human relation, no good affinity with opposite sex,  restrain father, wife, toil (need to slog), laborious, going through hardship. If 

Bi Jian strong, wealth light, like to mind other people business, like to go against injustice. 

Stem Bi Jian restrain wife, normally has second marriage, Bi Jian sitting on Peach Blossom (Tao Hua) and Bath (12 Qi) Earthly Branch, DM brothers & sisters flirt. Intelligent, capable and learnt.

Bi Jian at Year Pillar, independent and stay away from home. Because Year Pillar represents parent, because of Rob Wealth then life apart. Want to struggle on one’s own type (don’t want to rely on family), capable of handling finance. Bi Jian cannot be control, temperamental, do not obey (not accepting) anyone. 

Day Pillar with Bi Jian, marriage life not smooth. If there is clash, there will be calamity. 

Hour Pillar sitting on Death, Grave or Repose (12 Qi), and, when in the month (in season) although has brothers, normally won’t stay together. Each live their own life.

Jie Cai is strive to excel and want to win, tussle, get in trouble with law, symbol of loosing wealth in destiny.

Female chart: Bi Jian combine with Officer, has the tendency of husband being snatch, Bi Jian excessively prosperous, family easily being estranged, husband & wife not harmonious. Bi Jian and Jie Cai on the same pillar, husband and wife like to complain. 

Bi Jian strong and officer weak, affinity between husband & wife weak. Day Master prosperous, Bi Jian & Jie Cai weak, benefit during Peach Blossom (Tao Hua).

Bi Jian and Jie Cai represent happy occasion, don’t bother about appearance but emphases on friendly sentiment. 

Bazi don’t have Bi Jian & Jie Cai, like to do things by himself (do everything himself), everything rely on oneself, take every matters to oneself and don’t like to form partnership.

Strong personality, good career, good at socialize, but not much intimate friend, make use of each other.

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Pian Yin – Indirect Resources

偏印 (Pian Yin – Indirect Resources)

In term of relationship, female chart represent mother, male chart represent grandfather or elderly or unexpected helper.

Pian Yin very good at planning, design and creativity, Zheng Yin natural disposition is lead a simple life, Pian Yin natural disposition is lonely and solitary.

Those with Pian Yin in the chart, like to learn all the funny skill, better than the teacher, good at grasping, learn thing give up half way.

Person with Pian Yin in the chart, high sensitivity in his work, would like to investigate, good at intelligence type of work, quick witted and resourceful, good at act according to circumstances.

Pian Yin chart type person have outstanding artistic talent but most of the time will think highly of themselves, therefore very difficult to get along with people, if can overcome such thinking, can benefit from one’s talent and become high achiever. 

Shi Shen chart type with Pian Yin, easy to meet up with disaster, then character will become cruel, ruthless and merciless.

Day and Hour Pillar Pian Yin too much, will be lonely in the old age.

Female chart with heavy Pian Yin, no fate with children, serious matter is those with Punishment. 
This is because in Female chart Shi Shen and Shang Guan are output which show the ability to produce offspring, this type of phenomena also depends on the entire chart circumstances, therefore no need to worry too much.  

Pian Yin stands for:

1.      Would like to develop in unconventional knowledge (religion, black art, spiritual study, special art), easily obtain good results.
2.      Always like to be in confrontation, always like to argue
3.      Don’t want to take up responsibility, have the drive to things and not much of an option. 
4.      A lot of worry some that hard to deal with.

Pian Yin at Chang Sheng (Growth), the person has no affinity to biological mother.

Pian Yin at Bath (mù yù), the person cannot stay with 1 job for long (keep changing job)

Pian Yin at Attire (guan dài) or at Coming-of-age (lín guān) or at Prosperity Peak (dì wàng), the person has no affinity to biological mother, will have good achievement in side occupation (side-line or business)

Pian Yin at Ageing (shuāi), have a lot of skills but will have to endure hardship, not much affinity with parents.

Pian Yin at Grave (mù), usually the person fine start poor finish (tiger head snake tail), fail to carry it through.

Pian Yin at Conception (tāi), usually the person has poor affinity with mother.

If year Pillar has Pian Yin as unfavorable god, the person will waste away ancestor business, give the family a bad name.

If month pillar has Pian Yin, suitable to develop in unconventional business, e.g. doctor, artist, performing artist, unrestrained business, consulting line or beautician.

If Day pillar has Pian Yin as unfavorable god then marriage will not be blissful.

If Hour pillar has Pian Yin as unfavorable god then unfavorable to children, many children but not obedient

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - piān cái – Indirect Wealth

偏财 (piān cái – Indirect Wealth)

In term of relationship, male chart represents father, female chart represents grandmother.

Pian Cai characteristic is:

1.      got unconventional wealth, windfall.
2.      easy got good opportunity
3.      Meet someone gorgeous and fall in love
4.      Easy got married.

People with Pian Cai chart type not so matter about money but strong righteousness, good at capture the opportunity to make money, besides whole life encounter plenty of chances, therefore, normally got accidental windfall, especially in term of money and woman. Frequently got dramatic gain and loss. Very good at communication, slick and resourcefulness when handling situation. People with Pian Cai normally rich and righteous, like to help others and take care of others and being grateful by others. Tendency to see money as not so important. This chart type person cannot sit still, like to chit chat with others, generous character, artificial, quick-witted, eyes sharp in handling matters, have businessman characteristics.

Pian Cai with Shang Guan, person flirt

Shang Guan give birth to Pian Cai, person processes many aspiration and daring, full of drive, when the chance come, easily become wealthy, when in bad luck, might lost of all standing and reputation.

If female chart reveal Pian Cai, have romantic and non-faithful mind.

Pian Cai at Prosperity Peak, DM father and son or wife and concubine in good harmony, receive wealth from father and wife.

Pian Cai at Ageing (shuāi), self not favorable to father or wife.

Year Heavenly Stem Pian Cai, Year Earthly Branch Bi Jian/Jie Cai, father stay far away from home.

Month Heavenly Stem Pian Cai, father take charge of household.

Month Pian Cai hour Bi Jian/Jie Cai, first rich then poor

Day Earthly Branch Pian Cai, a lot of concubine and wife take charge

Day Hour Pian Cai, without any clash with Bi Jian/Jie Cai, flourishing during old age.

Zheng Cai pay a lot of attention to things that within control, more prudent and careful, cherish, worry about one’s gain and looses, not very generous in term of wealth handling, with regards to woman, cherish the wife.
On the other hand, Pian Cai is dispensable (not pay much attention), generous in money and won’t feel sore. With regards to woman, dispensable (don’t cherish), potential keep on changing wife. Main characteristic of Pian Cai is can’t sit still.

Represent ill-gotten money, many wives and concubines, father. If Pian Cai is useful god, vehement, righteous, easy on money, good affinity with woman.

Pian Cai too prosperous, DM weak, greedy (take advantage of petty opportunity), lazy.

Heavenly Steam with 2 penetrating Pian Cai, marriage not smooth.

Pian Cai sitting on 2 Bi Jian/Jie Cai, father or wife easy fall sick, easily got marriage problem.

Year Pillar has Pian Cai, could be a foster son (adopted or have step-parents)

Pian Cai on Day Pillar, Male chart, loose (flirt around). 

Female chart a lot of Pian Cai and unfavorable, burden to father, or father easily fall sick. 

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - shāng guān – Hurting Officer

伤官 (shāng guān – Hurting Officer)

In term of relationship, represents younger generation, student, subordinates; for male chart represents grandmother or granddaughter, for female chart represents son.

A Metal DM person with Shang Guan that is Water is bright and intelligent.

A Wood DM person with Shang Guan that is Fire is bright and cheerful, good at literary skill.

A Water DM person with Shang Guan that is Wood is gifted in many ways.

A Fire DM person with Shang Guan that is Earth, good personality but not arrogant, highly intelligence.

The person gifted in many ways, high aspiration and ambition, like to win, like to be in the limelight, do not like to be controlled, like to help people, have strong sense of justice.
Shang Guan is a most liked person, people with a lot of Shang Guan in the chart and don’t have strong resource in the natal chart to control, mostly intelligence and proud, no respect of law, consider one’s out of ordinary, arrogant character, like to talk about world affair, don’t like to follow law and have rebellious type of thinking, stern.

If Shang Guan too heavy (strong), don’t have Wealth Star to produce wealth, have to work hard the whole life, no time for leisure, poor; if Wealth Star too much, become greedy and will not be contented. 

Shang Guan people, if can be adaptable, will be able to reap the talent, will be admire by all; if in bad luck and try to take advantage of law loophole, take bribes, don’t respect law, earn ill-gotten money. 
If bazi Shang Guan and Qi Sha strong, will increase his sense of rebellious, will increase the possibility of being a gangster or hooligan.

If Shang Guan strong and penetrating thru Heaven Stem, has scientific ability, good at management, will become main management of the company.

Therefore, those kids with heavy Shang Guan in the chart would require proper guidance from young.
Shang Guan is mischievous, naughty and like to move around, in the school, good at learning multiple special skills such as: craft, music, painting, sports, sciences, lead Shang Guan characteristics into good use, will become successful.

Person with Shang Guan, good mind (brainy), but there is 1 different from Shi Shen, is that this type of people the character is a bit extreme, therefore lack-off in term of personality . Normally detest by people, therefore become a failure.

Shang Guan chat type disadvantage is not meticulous, not focus, eager to get things done, don’t have patient, what he try to achieve is not very practical, overly ambitious, a lot of half baked job (talk only), also too frank, those words that people won’t dare to speak, he will dare to say it, therefore indirectly hurt other people. Or, words come with hidden hurting meaning, makes others unbearable.
Shang Guan and Shi Shen is output, if output discharged, means there is betrayal, if there is really betrayal, only known by oneself, unknown by others. As a result, capability of the person is affected.
Shang Guan, DM gives birth to, only worry about how one’s perform; Zheng Guan (Direct Officer) will control his performance. Both are incompatible, ancient saying: Shang Guan meeting Officer, it’s like hundred disasters waiting to happen.

Shang Guan nature is selfish, self-regards (think of oneself), main purpose is to survive, cooperative using uncommon way, it is DM gives birth to, hence it is DM output (performance), will weaken self. 

Both Shi Shen and Shang Guan are DM gives birth to, therefore the nature is also self-regards, the only different is, cooperative using uncommon and competition way.

Shang Guan is an output, those have Shang Guan normally good looking, especially those with DM Metal, Shang Guan Water or DM Wood, Shang Guan Fire will have pretty appearance. If chart has wealth star, then even more pretty.

For female too much Shang Guan is not that good, because Shang Guan will restrain woman’s husband star (Zhen Guan – Direct Officer), the lady want to dominate will impact husband’s health.
Shang Guan at Prosperity Peak, restrain spouse, easy get hurts, don’t care about family, and easily get involve in lawsuit.

Shang Guan at Ageing (shuāi), envy feeling.

Year Pillar Shang Guan, faded ancestor’s business.

Year Heaven Stem is Shang Guan, short and poor life, prestige easily hurt.

Month Pillar Shang Guan, subordinates less, don’t respect parents.

Month Heavenly Stem is Shang Guan, severe ties with subordinates and parents.

Day Pillar Shang Guan, restrain (ke) son, son slow in development.

Day Pillar Shang Guan, restrain (ke) husband

Hour Pillar Shang Guan, restrain (ke) children, protect children from harm.

Shang Guan with Resource: Shang Guan person direct, intelligent, artistic, bold, the purpose of resource star is to build leadership quality of the person, the resource star is used to control Shang Guan’s wilful and proud, artistic and courage will be revealed.

Shang Guan plus Zheng Cai: high flyer. Shang Guan wants fame, want good impression to others, Zheng Cai has the power to control, sharp. When together become high flyer. Won’t be contented. Not contented at career is good but at other area, it won’t be good.

Shang Guan with Jie Cai, trouble-maker. Shang Guan wants fresh stuff, want good impression of oneself, exaggerate on other people’s matter, wants fresh stuff so deliberately provocative, continue to expose people’s secret. Jie Cai can be manipulative, offensive on others, when both together become trouble-maker.

Shang Guan with Qi Sha, good at talking, eloquence. Qi Sha is quick-witted, with philosophical and logical thinking, DM awe-inspiring, execute with one’s decision and thinking; Shang Guan is good at socializing with others, outstanding performance. Both together become very good speaker.

Shang Guan weak, don’t know how to enjoy life, not romantic, not calm when handling matter.

Because Shang Guan is produce by me, things are created by me, hence, Shang Guan represents my creativity, creative. Scientific and inventor, bold and rash, have affinity with religions study or metaphysics, good achievement, impulsive, non-stop thinking of matters, sleeping problem.

Shang Guan restrain (ke) Zheng Guan, Shang Guan is the direct opposite of Zheng Guan.

Shang Guan also represent wisdom and ability to create wealth. Self weak, Shang Guan prosperous, Wealth prosperous, good at starting business, Shang Guan main purpose is to generate wealth, Shang Guan restrain (ke) reputation.

In Shang Guan luck or Shang Guan prosperous, very difficult to obtain place in university. Shang Guan as Useful God, like to show off, flout one’s superiority, but scheming, intelligent, be swayed by one’s emotion. 

DM prosperous, many Shang Guan, intelligent, friendly, good impression, suitable for religious, art, actor.

Shang Guan at day branch, male chart restrain (ke) son, female chart restrain (ke) husband.

Shang Guan at Hour Pillar, children less affinity, Shang Guan DM stubborn. Female chart, old age restrain (ke) husband.

Shang Guan is Officer calamity, lost job, demotion, changes, symbol of artistic in life.

Bazi no Shi Shen & Shang Guan, single-minded and don’t like changes, possible changes when year is Shi Shen/Shang Guan, but changes is not beneficial to career as Shi Shen/Shang Guan conflict with Officer.

Female chart sitting on Shang Guan, husband easily meet with calamity.

DM & Jie Cai Prosperous no Shang Guan, corrupt life.

Female fear Shang Guan, however, if there is help from Zheng Cai & Zheng Yin, will have riches and honor.

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - zhèng cái – Direct Wealth

正财 (zhèng cái – Direct Wealth)  

In term of relationship, for male chart represents wife, for female chart represents father.

Zheng Cai characteristic is:

1.      hardworking person, can success by pure hard work
2.      proper way and means in doing things, able to adapt.
3.      distinct from others by working hard
4.      can foresight the opportunity of success, cannot be impatient, when the time comes will become successful.

If in bazi Zheng Cai is hidden inside grave (Chen, Xu, Chou, Wei), the person will use money carefully, cautious, very unlikely to easily spend money or give donation to others.

Wealth a lot, DM weak, will marry a dominating wife, wife take care of household, afraid of wife.

Zheng/Pian Cai complicated, easily give rise to family dispute, a lot of external connection, need to take note of family breakage.

If Qi Sha strong or prosperous, Zheng Cai, Jie Cai weak, therefore Zheng Cai cannot convert Qi Sha, Jie Cai cannot control Zheng Cai, it means one’s body at least will show external injury or hidden many years of illness, once the luck cycle is Zheng Cai or Qi Sha, it will show effect, very difficult to cure.

DM prosperous wealth weak, normally more laborious, able to take hardship, use firm endurance to earn money.

Zheng Cai at Prosperity Peak, DM strong, wealthy.

Year Pillar Zheng Cai, DM prosperity, ancestor wealthy.

Month Pillar Zheng Cai, hardworking and thrifty, parents wealthy, receive help from both parents

DM sits on Zheng Cai, wife help to become rich.

Hour Pillar Zheng Cai, children wealthy.

Shang Guan with Zheng Cai, fame seeking type, greedy, Shang Guan not contented with current situation, Zheng Cai has commanding desire. At career if not contented is good, else then it is not good.

Qi Sha plus Zheng Cai, strong will, Zheng Cai has commanding desire, practical, Qi Sha has strong desire to success, don’t have the feeling of impractical.

Bi Jian/Jie Cai plus Zheng Cai, Zheng Cai very practical, Bi Jian/Jie Cai has the desire to take advantage of others. If DM weak Wealth prosperous, lazy bum. if DM prosperous wealth weak, ungrateful, lechery.

Zheng Cai has good control in any situation, more prudent and careful, cherish, worry about one’s gain and looses, not very generous in term of wealth handling, with regards to woman, cherish the wife.

When dealing with money related matter or matters within control, practical, follow trend, don’t take sides in matter. Not easily trust others.

Represent: Wife, food, subordinates

Zheng Cai as useful god, not much wealth because of weak Zheng Cai, hardworking and thrifty, conservative.

Zheng Cai prosperous, Wealth restrain Resource, don’t like to study. Only interest in hobby.

DM weak, Wealth prosperous, male chart wife strict.

4 pillar with a lot of Wealth, Female chart, loose wealth because of love. Got advancement in career because of wealth.

Zheng Cai is afraid of Jie Cai and lost wealth. Wealth with root not easy being rob.

Zheng Cai sitting on Death, Grave, Repose (12 Qi Phase), wife will have a sick look.

Zheng Cai sitting on Yang Ren (goat blade) will suffer financial lost, wife not virtuous, cause marriage to be not smooth.

Direct wealth combines with Day branch, husband and wife loving. Because wealth being combine into Earthly branches.

Day branch didn’t combine with Zheng Cai, wife has affair.

Chart type is Zheng Cai, Jie Cai close by (e.g. next to DM), whole life loose money because of woman.

Have Zheng Cai and 4 pillars Guan/Qi Sha prosperous, good prospect in career because of money and suppress husband type. Wife definitely suppress husband, husband afraid of wife.

Zheng Cai at Year pillar and prosperous, ancestor rich.

Zheng Cai at Month pillar, hardworking and thrifty.

Zheng Cai at Day Pillar, get rich because of the wife.

Zheng Cai at Hour Pillar, children prosperous.

4 pillar with a lot of Zheng Cai, no matter favorable or unfavorable, normally love to enjoy and hate to work, greedy, no luck in study.

Male chart Zheng Cai combine with DM, many wives type, Female chart DM wealth a lot or wealth prosperous, loose (like to flirt around). Because officer cannot be exhausted (Wealth keeps on producing Guan/Qi Sha).