Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Qi Men Life Changing Method (种生基) - Part 2 (FAQ)

After I posted my article on Qi Men Life Changing Method (奇门种生基), I received a lot of questions with regards to this method. So, I am compiling all these questions into FAQ for easy reading.

Just note that the method is sorely based on our unique Qi Men Life Changing Method and not referencing to any other masters' method. BTW, other methods are sometimes being referred as "Life Planting Method" or "planting of life grave" because you need to plant your DNA on a grave and you are still alive.

Q: Will this method cause any harm to others as you mentioned that this can be used to improve wealth, health, relationship etc of a person? If destiny is fixed, then how can you increase something that is fixed?

A: This method is a specially designed by all my fore-masters. For example, if you want to increase your wealth, your DNA will be planted on a place that increase wealth. It is like a bank fixed deposit. You deposit your DNA to collect monthly interest. There is no harm done to the bank and others. Likewise, it will not cause harm to the environment and other people. Like fixed deposit, you can also deposit your money in many banks to earn more interest. Same for Qi Men Life Changing Method. You can deposit your DNA in various good Fengshui environments to reap the good energy and earn "interest" from it.

A: Destiny is fixed if you do nothing about it. That's why destiny analysis is very accurate when reading past events. It become not so accurate when reading future events. This is because after the reading, you become aware. Once you are aware, you will consciously or subconsciously try to change. Once there is an action, your outcome will be different hence make changes to the destiny.   For example, my grandmaster live up to 110 years old by utilizing Qi Men method and he only passed away recently.

Q: What do you mean by this statement: "it is a very dangerous technique and when used wrongly will cause bad effect on the master as well as the person’s life that need changing."?

A: I put up this statement as a warning to those who want to engage a master to perform Life Changing Method (not only Qi Men but all other method). This is because my master told me a story of someone rich who has engaged a Taiwanese master to perform "planting of life grave". This master actually asked the client to buy over a house (someone was living there and this guy pay a lot of money to ask the owner to move) and use it as life grave. However, after the ceremony, the rich man got into trouble with his business and he was at the verge of bankruptcy. This is where he met my master. Upon examine the so call "life grave", my master found out that the Taiwanese master actually planted his and his son DNA at the center, surrounded by the DNA of the rich man (now ex). Basically, the Taiwanese master created a formation to "absorb" all the wealth from the rich man. So, be careful when you engage any master to perform "life grave". Make sure the master is credible.

Q: I read some where that you need to bury the DNA. Does it has to be in a landed graveyard?

A: So far, most of the method being published are using graveyard to bury the DNA. However, the method that was passed down by my grandmasters does not necessary require a graveyard. We need a place that is good Fengshui for specific purpose. For example, to increase wealth, we need a place that is good Fengshui for wealth.

Q: I have a niche space for me to put my ashes when I pass away. Can I use it now for Qi Men Life Changing Method?

A:  See previous answer. Unless the niche has excellent Fengshui, I wouldn't recommend it.