Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Qi Men Life Changing Method (种生基)


In Qi Men Dun Jia, there is a technique that will help to change a person life around. This technique is closed guarded and regarded as the life buoy of a person in dire state. This Qi Men Life Changing Method can be used to turn around a bankrupt situation, improve one’s health, improve husband & wife relationship or even turn around a dead-and-alive situation.

Not much master knows this technique as it require the master to attain certain “Dao” () or certain level of enlightenment to perform this. This is because it is a very dangerous technique and when used wrongly will cause bad effect on the master as well as the person’s life that need changing.

What is Qi Men Life Changing Method?

It is basically a technique that makes use of the aspect of Heaven, Earth and Man (天时地利人和). Heaven (天时) is choosing a good date and time using Hour Qi Men Dun Jia. Earth (地利) is basically choosing a good Fengshui Place based on the purpose the person wants to achieve. Man (人和) is using the person’s DNA to activate the combination of Heaven, Earth and Man to harness the energy of the universe using Qi Men Dun Jia and achieve the desire results.
 For example, if a person is dire state of bankruptcy, a good date/time needs to be chosen that matches the person bazi. This is the Heaven (天时) aspect. Next a good place that usher wealth is chosen (地利). Then the person finger nails, hair, underwear and bazi will be placed in a box (人和) and buried in the chosen place at the chosen time. That’s why this method is sometimes known as Life Grave (生墓).

According to Master Ye, you will be able to see immediate results. However, this method is the last resort if other method fails.