Friday, 14 July 2017

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Zhèng Guān (Direct Officer)


This translation was done in 2009 and was published in now defunct fiverarts forum. The original text was written in Chinese  (十神分析) and I am not sure who is the original author. If anybody know, please let me know so that I can attribute credit to him/her.

Zhèng Guān (Direct Officer)

Relationship: represent the commanding officer, the superior, teacher; Woman's Husband, Man's daughter.

When Zhen Guan is favourable: the feature is solemn and good, clever, delightful, pleasant and friendly, good family background, act gently and sane. When Guan & Yin (Officer & Resources) in growth stage (12 Qi Phase), success in office and public, good childhood, like reading, parents do not need to worry about. 

Chai & Guan (Wealth & Officer) in growth stage (12 Qi Phase), famous on the wealth circle, show that the family circumstances are not very in plenty during childhood, need to work hard for more breakthrough,  during young period, able to set up social status. 

Zhen Guan represents husband star, when in favourable, it represent good candidate, good interactive between husband and wife, make people admirable. 

If Day Master is weak, Zhen Guan appear in young age, the person is weak and scare of matters. Families has a lot of stress and uncertainty. Family background not good. 

When a chart's Day Master is weak, meets with Influence (Power), Output and Wealth elements, and does not have strong Resource or Companion elements to strengthen the Day Master, then the Day Master will experience increased Restrict (control by the Power element) and Xie (weakened by the output and wealth elements). The result is that this person will experience a life of "chasing and laboring after wealth but only get roller coaster, ups and downs, life".  

If there is combination of Useful God (Yong Shen) and Zhen Guan, the person is wicked and crafty and deceitful, resorts to every conceivable means to gain advantage. If this is the pattern, always poor, betray country and friends, be wary of such people. 

If chart alot of Zhen Guan, it means besides only has a husband, there are other boyfriends, so must control oneself and do not cause trouble. 

If Zhen Guan in Year Pillar and favourable, receive ancestors' protection or blessing and apt to have a successful career in early youth, the study with good result.

If Zhen Guan in Month Pillar and favourable, receive love and care from parents, lack hardship in one's life, Character is honest, siblings have scholarly honor of official rank too. 

Day Master sitting on Zhen Guan Star, intelligent and competent, luck for wealth prosperously greatly to take place, help the spouse prosperous too.

If Zhen Guan in Hour Pillar, there is the main son's virtuous filial piety, enjoy the good fortune late.

Guan  (Officer) star not prosperous, should avoid public office. Guan  (Officer) star prosperous, is suitable for public office.