Sunday, 11 October 2015

Toilet Fengshui


A lot of people are worry about their toilet and it’s Fengshui. What if the toilet is located at “good sector”? Does it mean that the person staying there will lose wealth? What happen if the person has 5 toilets in his/her house? It is not practical to locate or relocate toilets. What if those who can’t afford to relocate or rebuilt a toilet? Does that mean that they are doom?

What is a Toilet?

I think everybody knows what a toilet is. It is a place where we do our ahem, business. A toilet is a sanitation fixture used primarily for the disposal of human urine and faeces. It is connected to the sewage system where toxic discharged from our body are being transported away from our house. We all know that in our body, any unwanted toxic are expel from our body in the form of urine and faeces.  As such, it is natural that people will assume that toilet is bad for a person as it is where we dump our toxic.

Toilet in ancient time

Can you image how a toilet looks like 2000 years ago? In ancient China, toilet is not located inside the house. It is located at the back and outside the house. This is because sewage system doesn’t exist. Basically, they have people going door-to-door to pick up the “night soil” (in Chinese it is called night fragrant) as means to clear human toxic. However, they don’t come that frequent and normally it is done at night. Basically, if you do your dump in the morning, it will have to wait until at night before they clear it. Can you image where you have human toxic lingering around your house whole day?
Therefore, it is always recommended that during that time, the toilet to be placed far away as possible from your house. Later, it was developed into placing toilet in bad sector. This is because people assume that you want to get rid of bad things. So, by putting toilet in bad sector, when the night soil guy came to clear it, he/she basically clear all the bad things for you as well.

Toilet in modern time

Toilet has evolved throughout the human civilisation. With the advancement of technology, toilet now has a very sophisticated functions and features. There are toilets that can recognise the person that sits on the bowl and able to perform pre-set functions according to the person’s desire. For example, it will warm up the toilet seat to the desire temperature of the particular person and perform bottom washing ritual as pre-set. With a good sewage system, human toxic will not gathered at the toilet for long. Once you are done with your business, a toilet can be no different from a normal room. In fact, Mythbusters did a test and proved that a toilet seat is actually cleaner than a computer keyboard!

Toilet in Fengshui perspective

So, are you supposed to freak out about your toilet? In Fengshui perspective, there are certain do’s and don’ts. It is not easy to explain it here. It is better to get a proper consult to do so. However, you will not die just because a toilet is located a certain location. Just make sure for hygienic purposes, your toilet is working, that’s all!