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Auspicious Useful God (喜用神)

Auspicious Useful God (喜用神)

The term Auspicious Useful God is frequently used in the analysis of Ziping Bazi. The Auspicious Useful God or Useful God in short, is being regards as the most important step needed when decoding destiny using the Ziping Bazi method. The Useful God is determined as follow:

1. Derive the structure of the bazi
2. If cold chart, then need fire
3. If hot chart, then need water.
4. Derive strong or weak
5. If strong, then the Useful God will be the element that discharge the bazi
6. If weak, then the Useful God will be the element that support the weak element in the bazi

Some system has slight variance from the above steps.

Once the Useful God is determined, according the system, it will be fixed for whole life. For example, if a person Useful God is Water element, then during Water Luck, Year, Month or Day, it will be good for the person. Likewise, if Water element is the inauspicious Useful God (bad for the person), then during Water Luck, Year, Month or Day, it will be bad for the person. Some Fengshui master even advise that since Water element is bad, the person should avoid water altogether (i.e. cut down on drinking water?) I am not sure whether this is a joke or not but if the system is so rigid, it shouldn't have survive for 5,000 years.

Now, back to this system. Accordingly, if a person is going through a Useful God Luck, in theory, this person will enjoy 10 years of good luck. However, most of the case, this is not true.

Here is the bazi of John F Kennedy, the 35th President of United States. He was born on 29th May 1917 at 15:00.

He is Xin Metal born in the month of Si Fire. There is Ding Fire and Si Fire at his Year Pillar plus Bing Fire at his Hour Pillar. This bazi is very hot. Therefore, his Auspicious Useful God (喜用神) is Water as according to the system, hot chart need water to cool off.

However, he was assassinated on 22nd Nov 1963, which is a Gui Hai Month and Gui Mao Year. If water is his Useful God, how come he was assassinated during his Useful God month?

What is 5-Element Bazi

5-Element Bazi is known as the missing piece of Ziping Bazi. Some said it is the hidden secret and that's why it didn't existing in the normal Ziping bazi books. Most of the Ziping practitioners could not read event accurately because of this missing piece. In the nutshell, the technique used in 5-Element bazi is very simple. The key points are:

  • Strong understanding of Yin and Yang principal
  • Strong understanding of 5-Element interaction
  • Strong understanding of Waxing and Waning of Qi
  • Don't use complex structure
  • Only use Heavenly Stem combination and clashes & Earthly Branches combination and clashes.
  • The rest of Earthly Branches formula are not used.
Using 5-Element Bazi to read JFK Bazi:
  1. Xin born in Si Month, the chart is hot. Gui water is useful to regulate the temperature of the chart.
  2. There is Ding 7K on top being fed by Yi Wood and waiting to attack Xin. So, in his chart, 7K already ready to attack.
  3. During Xin Chou Luck, Xin DM is being revealed.
  4. Gui Hai Year, Gui come out to keep 7K Ding in cheek so that it won't attack DM.
  5. However, during 22nd Nov, Ji Si Day, Ji come out and restrict Gui. So, when Output being restricted, it means he made the wrong decision. In addition, Gui Qi is in Waning stage when Ji come out.
  6. When Ji attack Gui, Gui as protector god of DM being hurt and cannot attack Ding. 
  7. Therefore, Ding will attack Xin DM. 
  8. When 7K attack, it also means unnatural death.


  1. To predict this bazi properly, you need to understand the format of the bazi chart. This bazi chart has a very serious conflict between the fire and metal element with the 地支. 巳(辛)丑 and 巳(丁)未... so a 午 or 酉 enters... problem will arise..

    At the time of his death his 大运 is at 辛丑(according to your chart) further strengtening the fire metal conflict. Theres 2 groups of 巳辛丑now conflicting 巳丁未...

    地支 is the root of the whole chart. Just like root of a tall tree if anything serious happen the tree will die or fall.... if any serious conflict like this happen you know sometime in this 大运. A calamity will strike this person. This is something clearly seen in this chart. It has nothing to do with temperature.

  2. Further more theres a 未 and 乙, when卯 comes, the 地支 will have another 卯未wood formation, this will intensify the fire metal conflict. Wood growth fire, fire strike metal.. the whole 地支(root) will stumble. Thus a very serious 破局 is ensured. Just sharing my method.