Tuesday, 26 September 2017

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Zhèng Yìn (Direct Resource)

正印 (zhèng yìn - direct resource)  

In term of relationship, represent elderly, nobleman, supervisor. For a male, it represents mother. For a female, it represents grandfather or son-in-law.

If Zheng Yin is Useful God, this person will be bright and intelligent. Life with little misfortune, if has Guan then will be high moral integrity. Justifiable to hold high power. This person will normally benevolence and prefer to live simply. Wealth star means heavily sentiment, resource star attentively to human. Work with integrity, can study up to high level, intelligent, knowledge is profound and prefer to study.

If a lot of Zheng Yin, the person like to study, famous, artistic, religious, teaching, inventor nature comes naturally.    

If Yin star too strong, also Shi Shen, Shang Guan or Wealth Star too weak, lack off discharged by Shi Shen/Shang Guan, it means slow development in intelligence, slow in gasping concept. Means academic achievement not that good, character too honest and frank.      

If in Shi Shen/Shang Guan luck cycle, then can reduce the above disadvantage, then academic achievement will make improvement.

Yin strong, Shi Shen/Shang Guan weak, not good at doing business, therefore better don’t involve in managing business, better to assume office only or being a salary person.

Too many Zheng Yin means overly pampered by mother and become a spoilt brat and overly dependent (lack of independent)

Too many Zheng Yin also means health of mother is not good, because of some reason, the person will be brought up by someone else.

If Zheng Yin too strong, don’t have destiny (yuan) with children.

Officer and Yin penetrate thru Stems, will have prosperous and good life, good fame and reputation, can become a good leader.

Zheng Yin at Chang Sheng (Growth), means parents benevolent, merciful, kind and longevity.

Zheng Yin at Bath (mù yù), the person will keep on changing job.

Zheng Yin at Attire (guan dài), born in reputable family, will able to enjoy luxury.

Zheng Yin prosperous at Coming-of-age (lín guān), will have virtuous mother. 

Zheng Yin at Prosperity Peak (dì wàng), stand up among one’s fellow (become famous)

Zheng Yin at Ageing (shuāi), very difficult to expand.

Year Pillar has Zheng Yin as Useful God, born in rich family, good in study.

Month Pillar Zheng Yin, character kind hearted and benevolent, bright and health, seldom fall sick.

If Pillar has Pian and Zheng Guan, has good fortune life; If 4 Pillars don’t have Pian Cai, Yin not being clash (ke), literary work become famous (famous writer); If clash between Month and Day Earthly Branch, ancestor house withered.

Day Pillar Zheng Yin, spouse refine, honest, sincere and benevolent.

Hour Pillar Zheng Yin is favourable, children will be intelligence and filial. 

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