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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - bi jiān – Friend

比肩 (bi jiān – Friend)

In term of relationship, represent friends, brothers, same status, for female chart represent sisters.

Bi Jian stands for:

1.      Helpful assistant, easily manifest oneself.
2.      Have strong character, which is very obvious.
3.      Will seized all opportunity but cannot monopolize.
4.      Have fighting spirit towards the opponent.

DM strong, too much resources and too little Shi Shen/Shang Guan, wisdom and artistic talent will cram inside the brain, unable to produce, hence keep to oneself, have high standard on oneself, selfish, very difficult to get along with people.

Also Shi Shen/Shang Guan weak, unable to create wealth, laborious the whole life.

If utilized steadfast and unbending personality and independent, there is possible to be able to achieve good career.

Many Bi Jian and have Yin star, usually look down on people, very difficult to accept people’s help, usually other will assume this person is willful or selfish, strong character, strong self-centered, very difficult to compromise other people.

Also, Shi Shen/Shang Guan weak therefore cannot create wealth, naturally, whole life busy working hard.

If bazi has Guan and Qi Sha, this will lighten all the no good factors described above.

Self strong and day pillar sitting on Bi Jian and Heavenly Stems there is Jie Cai penetrating, the person has sad husband-wife relationship, wife or self frail (health not so good), always sick, lead improper life, most of the time head-strong and opinionated, flirt, husband and wife always fighting, very difficult to grow old together. 

Self prosperous and a lot of Bi Jian, 4 pillars no Guan and Qi Sha, would like to idle about and no sense of responsibility and with excess energy will create problems, easily hurt wealth and wife.

Bi Jian at Prosperity Peak, many brothers and sisters, eager to do well in everything, choose the easy way out, dislike Guan, not suitable to marry or become father.

Bi Jian at Ageing (shuāi), no affinity to brothers.

Year Pillar has Bi Jian, has elder sister or foster son, tendency to divide the ancestor fortune, poor in early childhood.

Month Pillar has Bi Jian, has elder sister or foster son, independent, good at financial management.

Day Pillar has Bi Jian, subdue (ke) spouse, marriage problem, married late, if day pillar Bi Jian meet clash (chong), spouse not suitable to travel.

Hour Pillar has Bi Jian, few children.

Bi Jian and Jie Cai plus Zheng Cai, Zheng Cai is very practical, Bi Jian and Jie Cai is dominating nature.

DM weak, Wealth prosperous, lazy.

DM prosperous, wealth weak, not righteous, lecherous. Bi Jian will assist of repel DM. Energetic but not rash, able to contribute to the society, slow in taking action, no fear in execution but not violent.

In 4 Pillar Bi Jian too prosperious, will means that strong self-respect, only think about himself. Stubborn, inflexible. Kindhearted, thickheaded and difficult to change, don’t want to be restrained, like freedom.

In 4 Pillar where Bi Jian too weak means easy listen to people, don’t have own judgment, easily influence by other people, weak character.

It represents: brothers, friends, colleague, skeleton, muscle.

In business it represent business partner, Bi Jian favorable, Earthly Branches has Bi Jian, steadfast and steady character, strong self-centered. 

4 pillars a lot of Bi Jian no control, bad relationship with brothers, too firm, stubborn, not good at human relation, no good affinity with opposite sex,  restrain father, wife, toil (need to slog), laborious, going through hardship. If 

Bi Jian strong, wealth light, like to mind other people business, like to go against injustice. 

Stem Bi Jian restrain wife, normally has second marriage, Bi Jian sitting on Peach Blossom (Tao Hua) and Bath (12 Qi) Earthly Branch, DM brothers & sisters flirt. Intelligent, capable and learnt.

Bi Jian at Year Pillar, independent and stay away from home. Because Year Pillar represents parent, because of Rob Wealth then life apart. Want to struggle on one’s own type (don’t want to rely on family), capable of handling finance. Bi Jian cannot be control, temperamental, do not obey (not accepting) anyone. 

Day Pillar with Bi Jian, marriage life not smooth. If there is clash, there will be calamity. 

Hour Pillar sitting on Death, Grave or Repose (12 Qi), and, when in the month (in season) although has brothers, normally won’t stay together. Each live their own life.

Jie Cai is strive to excel and want to win, tussle, get in trouble with law, symbol of loosing wealth in destiny.

Female chart: Bi Jian combine with Officer, has the tendency of husband being snatch, Bi Jian excessively prosperous, family easily being estranged, husband & wife not harmonious. Bi Jian and Jie Cai on the same pillar, husband and wife like to complain. 

Bi Jian strong and officer weak, affinity between husband & wife weak. Day Master prosperous, Bi Jian & Jie Cai weak, benefit during Peach Blossom (Tao Hua).

Bi Jian and Jie Cai represent happy occasion, don’t bother about appearance but emphases on friendly sentiment. 

Bazi don’t have Bi Jian & Jie Cai, like to do things by himself (do everything himself), everything rely on oneself, take every matters to oneself and don’t like to form partnership.

Strong personality, good career, good at socialize, but not much intimate friend, make use of each other.

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