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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - shāng guān – Hurting Officer

伤官 (shāng guān – Hurting Officer)

In term of relationship, represents younger generation, student, subordinates; for male chart represents grandmother or granddaughter, for female chart represents son.

A Metal DM person with Shang Guan that is Water is bright and intelligent.

A Wood DM person with Shang Guan that is Fire is bright and cheerful, good at literary skill.

A Water DM person with Shang Guan that is Wood is gifted in many ways.

A Fire DM person with Shang Guan that is Earth, good personality but not arrogant, highly intelligence.

The person gifted in many ways, high aspiration and ambition, like to win, like to be in the limelight, do not like to be controlled, like to help people, have strong sense of justice.
Shang Guan is a most liked person, people with a lot of Shang Guan in the chart and don’t have strong resource in the natal chart to control, mostly intelligence and proud, no respect of law, consider one’s out of ordinary, arrogant character, like to talk about world affair, don’t like to follow law and have rebellious type of thinking, stern.

If Shang Guan too heavy (strong), don’t have Wealth Star to produce wealth, have to work hard the whole life, no time for leisure, poor; if Wealth Star too much, become greedy and will not be contented. 

Shang Guan people, if can be adaptable, will be able to reap the talent, will be admire by all; if in bad luck and try to take advantage of law loophole, take bribes, don’t respect law, earn ill-gotten money. 
If bazi Shang Guan and Qi Sha strong, will increase his sense of rebellious, will increase the possibility of being a gangster or hooligan.

If Shang Guan strong and penetrating thru Heaven Stem, has scientific ability, good at management, will become main management of the company.

Therefore, those kids with heavy Shang Guan in the chart would require proper guidance from young.
Shang Guan is mischievous, naughty and like to move around, in the school, good at learning multiple special skills such as: craft, music, painting, sports, sciences, lead Shang Guan characteristics into good use, will become successful.

Person with Shang Guan, good mind (brainy), but there is 1 different from Shi Shen, is that this type of people the character is a bit extreme, therefore lack-off in term of personality . Normally detest by people, therefore become a failure.

Shang Guan chat type disadvantage is not meticulous, not focus, eager to get things done, don’t have patient, what he try to achieve is not very practical, overly ambitious, a lot of half baked job (talk only), also too frank, those words that people won’t dare to speak, he will dare to say it, therefore indirectly hurt other people. Or, words come with hidden hurting meaning, makes others unbearable.
Shang Guan and Shi Shen is output, if output discharged, means there is betrayal, if there is really betrayal, only known by oneself, unknown by others. As a result, capability of the person is affected.
Shang Guan, DM gives birth to, only worry about how one’s perform; Zheng Guan (Direct Officer) will control his performance. Both are incompatible, ancient saying: Shang Guan meeting Officer, it’s like hundred disasters waiting to happen.

Shang Guan nature is selfish, self-regards (think of oneself), main purpose is to survive, cooperative using uncommon way, it is DM gives birth to, hence it is DM output (performance), will weaken self. 

Both Shi Shen and Shang Guan are DM gives birth to, therefore the nature is also self-regards, the only different is, cooperative using uncommon and competition way.

Shang Guan is an output, those have Shang Guan normally good looking, especially those with DM Metal, Shang Guan Water or DM Wood, Shang Guan Fire will have pretty appearance. If chart has wealth star, then even more pretty.

For female too much Shang Guan is not that good, because Shang Guan will restrain woman’s husband star (Zhen Guan – Direct Officer), the lady want to dominate will impact husband’s health.
Shang Guan at Prosperity Peak, restrain spouse, easy get hurts, don’t care about family, and easily get involve in lawsuit.

Shang Guan at Ageing (shuāi), envy feeling.

Year Pillar Shang Guan, faded ancestor’s business.

Year Heaven Stem is Shang Guan, short and poor life, prestige easily hurt.

Month Pillar Shang Guan, subordinates less, don’t respect parents.

Month Heavenly Stem is Shang Guan, severe ties with subordinates and parents.

Day Pillar Shang Guan, restrain (ke) son, son slow in development.

Day Pillar Shang Guan, restrain (ke) husband

Hour Pillar Shang Guan, restrain (ke) children, protect children from harm.

Shang Guan with Resource: Shang Guan person direct, intelligent, artistic, bold, the purpose of resource star is to build leadership quality of the person, the resource star is used to control Shang Guan’s wilful and proud, artistic and courage will be revealed.

Shang Guan plus Zheng Cai: high flyer. Shang Guan wants fame, want good impression to others, Zheng Cai has the power to control, sharp. When together become high flyer. Won’t be contented. Not contented at career is good but at other area, it won’t be good.

Shang Guan with Jie Cai, trouble-maker. Shang Guan wants fresh stuff, want good impression of oneself, exaggerate on other people’s matter, wants fresh stuff so deliberately provocative, continue to expose people’s secret. Jie Cai can be manipulative, offensive on others, when both together become trouble-maker.

Shang Guan with Qi Sha, good at talking, eloquence. Qi Sha is quick-witted, with philosophical and logical thinking, DM awe-inspiring, execute with one’s decision and thinking; Shang Guan is good at socializing with others, outstanding performance. Both together become very good speaker.

Shang Guan weak, don’t know how to enjoy life, not romantic, not calm when handling matter.

Because Shang Guan is produce by me, things are created by me, hence, Shang Guan represents my creativity, creative. Scientific and inventor, bold and rash, have affinity with religions study or metaphysics, good achievement, impulsive, non-stop thinking of matters, sleeping problem.

Shang Guan restrain (ke) Zheng Guan, Shang Guan is the direct opposite of Zheng Guan.

Shang Guan also represent wisdom and ability to create wealth. Self weak, Shang Guan prosperous, Wealth prosperous, good at starting business, Shang Guan main purpose is to generate wealth, Shang Guan restrain (ke) reputation.

In Shang Guan luck or Shang Guan prosperous, very difficult to obtain place in university. Shang Guan as Useful God, like to show off, flout one’s superiority, but scheming, intelligent, be swayed by one’s emotion. 

DM prosperous, many Shang Guan, intelligent, friendly, good impression, suitable for religious, art, actor.

Shang Guan at day branch, male chart restrain (ke) son, female chart restrain (ke) husband.

Shang Guan at Hour Pillar, children less affinity, Shang Guan DM stubborn. Female chart, old age restrain (ke) husband.

Shang Guan is Officer calamity, lost job, demotion, changes, symbol of artistic in life.

Bazi no Shi Shen & Shang Guan, single-minded and don’t like changes, possible changes when year is Shi Shen/Shang Guan, but changes is not beneficial to career as Shi Shen/Shang Guan conflict with Officer.

Female chart sitting on Shang Guan, husband easily meet with calamity.

DM & Jie Cai Prosperous no Shang Guan, corrupt life.

Female fear Shang Guan, however, if there is help from Zheng Cai & Zheng Yin, will have riches and honor.

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