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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - zhèng cái – Direct Wealth

正财 (zhèng cái – Direct Wealth)  

In term of relationship, for male chart represents wife, for female chart represents father.

Zheng Cai characteristic is:

1.      hardworking person, can success by pure hard work
2.      proper way and means in doing things, able to adapt.
3.      distinct from others by working hard
4.      can foresight the opportunity of success, cannot be impatient, when the time comes will become successful.

If in bazi Zheng Cai is hidden inside grave (Chen, Xu, Chou, Wei), the person will use money carefully, cautious, very unlikely to easily spend money or give donation to others.

Wealth a lot, DM weak, will marry a dominating wife, wife take care of household, afraid of wife.

Zheng/Pian Cai complicated, easily give rise to family dispute, a lot of external connection, need to take note of family breakage.

If Qi Sha strong or prosperous, Zheng Cai, Jie Cai weak, therefore Zheng Cai cannot convert Qi Sha, Jie Cai cannot control Zheng Cai, it means one’s body at least will show external injury or hidden many years of illness, once the luck cycle is Zheng Cai or Qi Sha, it will show effect, very difficult to cure.

DM prosperous wealth weak, normally more laborious, able to take hardship, use firm endurance to earn money.

Zheng Cai at Prosperity Peak, DM strong, wealthy.

Year Pillar Zheng Cai, DM prosperity, ancestor wealthy.

Month Pillar Zheng Cai, hardworking and thrifty, parents wealthy, receive help from both parents

DM sits on Zheng Cai, wife help to become rich.

Hour Pillar Zheng Cai, children wealthy.

Shang Guan with Zheng Cai, fame seeking type, greedy, Shang Guan not contented with current situation, Zheng Cai has commanding desire. At career if not contented is good, else then it is not good.

Qi Sha plus Zheng Cai, strong will, Zheng Cai has commanding desire, practical, Qi Sha has strong desire to success, don’t have the feeling of impractical.

Bi Jian/Jie Cai plus Zheng Cai, Zheng Cai very practical, Bi Jian/Jie Cai has the desire to take advantage of others. If DM weak Wealth prosperous, lazy bum. if DM prosperous wealth weak, ungrateful, lechery.

Zheng Cai has good control in any situation, more prudent and careful, cherish, worry about one’s gain and looses, not very generous in term of wealth handling, with regards to woman, cherish the wife.

When dealing with money related matter or matters within control, practical, follow trend, don’t take sides in matter. Not easily trust others.

Represent: Wife, food, subordinates

Zheng Cai as useful god, not much wealth because of weak Zheng Cai, hardworking and thrifty, conservative.

Zheng Cai prosperous, Wealth restrain Resource, don’t like to study. Only interest in hobby.

DM weak, Wealth prosperous, male chart wife strict.

4 pillar with a lot of Wealth, Female chart, loose wealth because of love. Got advancement in career because of wealth.

Zheng Cai is afraid of Jie Cai and lost wealth. Wealth with root not easy being rob.

Zheng Cai sitting on Death, Grave, Repose (12 Qi Phase), wife will have a sick look.

Zheng Cai sitting on Yang Ren (goat blade) will suffer financial lost, wife not virtuous, cause marriage to be not smooth.

Direct wealth combines with Day branch, husband and wife loving. Because wealth being combine into Earthly branches.

Day branch didn’t combine with Zheng Cai, wife has affair.

Chart type is Zheng Cai, Jie Cai close by (e.g. next to DM), whole life loose money because of woman.

Have Zheng Cai and 4 pillars Guan/Qi Sha prosperous, good prospect in career because of money and suppress husband type. Wife definitely suppress husband, husband afraid of wife.

Zheng Cai at Year pillar and prosperous, ancestor rich.

Zheng Cai at Month pillar, hardworking and thrifty.

Zheng Cai at Day Pillar, get rich because of the wife.

Zheng Cai at Hour Pillar, children prosperous.

4 pillar with a lot of Zheng Cai, no matter favorable or unfavorable, normally love to enjoy and hate to work, greedy, no luck in study.

Male chart Zheng Cai combine with DM, many wives type, Female chart DM wealth a lot or wealth prosperous, loose (like to flirt around). Because officer cannot be exhausted (Wealth keeps on producing Guan/Qi Sha).

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