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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Jié Cái – Rob Wealth

劫财 (Jié Cái – Rob Wealth)

In term of relationship, for male it represents sisters, for female it represents brothers, for both male & female it represent friends or same generation

DM prosperous wealth weak, Jie Cai prosperous, less affinity with father and wife, husband and wife no feeling with each other, not much communication, serious case will remarry.

Too many Jie Cai, is a selfish person, character cold-hearted, although appearance looks kind and appear to be able to accommodate others however the heart doesn’t act that way, therefore it is a person with dual-character. Not suitable for government service.  

If pillars have Zhen Guan, then can avoid the ill-fate, turn bad into good, also, all this while being regards as arrogant manner, can also being utilized as good leadership quality, thus, good career.

DM prosperous and Jie Cai prosperous, strong character, selfish, cannot start business with other people, if suitable being a technical person, army, spy or inventors, will create warm-hearted self and change the way of working.

If chart has Jie Cai, would like to engage in gambling or investment type of profession, for example, stock broker, like gambling, property agent. But, if really become a gambler, then will become lazy, have to take note.

People with Jie Cai prosperous will not be honest, difficult to keep money, therefore, people with Jie Cai prosperous, must be vigilance against oneself.

Jie Cai prosperous, have Shi Shen/Shang Guan produce Wealth, will willingly help people or concern about other people, good relationship with people.

Year pillar with Jie Cai, have elder brother, sister or adopted son, good at managing money, good brotherhood, unfavorable to get married.

Month pillar has Jie Cai, difficult to keep money, plan expenses ahead of salary, strong self-centered, worry about appearance.

Day pillar has Jie Cai, married late, no affinity to get married

Hour pillar has Jie Cai, no affinity with children.

Bi Jian & Jie Cai plus Zheng Cai, Zheng Cai is very practical, Bi Jian & Jie Cai has the “snatch” mentality. Self weak, wealth prosperous => lazy. Self prosperous, wealth weak, take advantage of people and forget about other kindness, sex maniac.

Qi Sha plus Jie Cai, suitable to become police or army. Qi Sha; awe-inspiring, overbearing, Jie Cai; strong desire to manipulate. Suitable in power and attack type.

Jie Cai is suppose to help me, but Jie Cai lost the intellect. Prosperous Jie Cai has intense manipulative, desire, impulsive. Not afraid to shed blood, independent, use action to solve matter, all this are Jie Cai.

Jie Cai is use to control Zheng Guan, this is because Jie Cai thinking is indifference (don’t follow law), won’t keep on thinking about issues, inner feeling won’t feel oppress, hash and rash, offensive.

People don’t disturb me but I cannot stop myself from disturbing others. DM prosperous with no resource, means need to rely on oneself only, nobody to help. DM prosperous with no control, many wifes restrain (ke) father, unconventional way of gaining power.

Jie Cai as Useful God, enthusiastic, frank, bold, opportunistic. Risk taking. Jie Cai a lot, DM prosperous, impulsive and act blindly. Hot-blooded, restrain (ke) wife and loose wealth. Subordinates don’t get well with each other and always fighting, break faith with somebody.

Bi Jian and Yang Ren (Goat Blade) on the same pillar, torture father hurt wife.

On the same pillar where Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch is Jie Cai, restrain (ke) father.

DM prosperous with Jie Cai and Shang Guan on the same pillar, it is a sign of calamity.

Jie Cai with Pian Cai on the same pillar, not favorable to father, male chart is the sign of remarry.

DM weak and Jie Cai being combined, siblings ruthless.

Charts with many prosperous Jie Cai, husband and wife easily quarrel and changes in marriage, if marriage is ok then wife will always sick.

Jie Cai a lot is no good, a lot of dispute and stubborn, Jie Cai like to create trouble with officer, children normally not filial, or kids bully father, or kids will meet misfortune.

Jie Cai at year pillar, good at managing money, righteous but marriage no good.

Jie Cai at Month pillar, difficult to keep money, like to gamble, like to scold people.

Jie Cai at Day Pillar, married late.

Jie Cai at Hour Pillar, no affinity with children, if with Shang Guan on the same pillar, harmful to children.

Bazi without Bi Jian and Jie Cai, one like to do everything oneself, everything rely on oneself, see to everything oneself and don’t like to join venture with others. Strong character, good career, good connections, but not much intimate friends, make use of each other.

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