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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - piān cái – Indirect Wealth

偏财 (piān cái – Indirect Wealth)

In term of relationship, male chart represents father, female chart represents grandmother.

Pian Cai characteristic is:

1.      got unconventional wealth, windfall.
2.      easy got good opportunity
3.      Meet someone gorgeous and fall in love
4.      Easy got married.

People with Pian Cai chart type not so matter about money but strong righteousness, good at capture the opportunity to make money, besides whole life encounter plenty of chances, therefore, normally got accidental windfall, especially in term of money and woman. Frequently got dramatic gain and loss. Very good at communication, slick and resourcefulness when handling situation. People with Pian Cai normally rich and righteous, like to help others and take care of others and being grateful by others. Tendency to see money as not so important. This chart type person cannot sit still, like to chit chat with others, generous character, artificial, quick-witted, eyes sharp in handling matters, have businessman characteristics.

Pian Cai with Shang Guan, person flirt

Shang Guan give birth to Pian Cai, person processes many aspiration and daring, full of drive, when the chance come, easily become wealthy, when in bad luck, might lost of all standing and reputation.

If female chart reveal Pian Cai, have romantic and non-faithful mind.

Pian Cai at Prosperity Peak, DM father and son or wife and concubine in good harmony, receive wealth from father and wife.

Pian Cai at Ageing (shuāi), self not favorable to father or wife.

Year Heavenly Stem Pian Cai, Year Earthly Branch Bi Jian/Jie Cai, father stay far away from home.

Month Heavenly Stem Pian Cai, father take charge of household.

Month Pian Cai hour Bi Jian/Jie Cai, first rich then poor

Day Earthly Branch Pian Cai, a lot of concubine and wife take charge

Day Hour Pian Cai, without any clash with Bi Jian/Jie Cai, flourishing during old age.

Zheng Cai pay a lot of attention to things that within control, more prudent and careful, cherish, worry about one’s gain and looses, not very generous in term of wealth handling, with regards to woman, cherish the wife.
On the other hand, Pian Cai is dispensable (not pay much attention), generous in money and won’t feel sore. With regards to woman, dispensable (don’t cherish), potential keep on changing wife. Main characteristic of Pian Cai is can’t sit still.

Represent ill-gotten money, many wives and concubines, father. If Pian Cai is useful god, vehement, righteous, easy on money, good affinity with woman.

Pian Cai too prosperous, DM weak, greedy (take advantage of petty opportunity), lazy.

Heavenly Steam with 2 penetrating Pian Cai, marriage not smooth.

Pian Cai sitting on 2 Bi Jian/Jie Cai, father or wife easy fall sick, easily got marriage problem.

Year Pillar has Pian Cai, could be a foster son (adopted or have step-parents)

Pian Cai on Day Pillar, Male chart, loose (flirt around). 

Female chart a lot of Pian Cai and unfavorable, burden to father, or father easily fall sick. 

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