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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Pian Guan (Qi Sha- Indirect Officer)

偏官(Pian Guan, Qi Sha, 7-Killing - Indirect Officer) 

Pian Guan also known as "sha", Qi Sha, in term of relationship, for woman it represent 偏夫 "Pian Fu" (2nd Husband or lover), for man it represent Son.

Qi Sha is similar to Zhen Guan in term of function, the difference is that Zhen Guan is using cooperative mean while Qi Sha is more toward competitive mean; more merciless.

If the Bazi is appropriate (favourable), and Sha Qi can be used favourably and usefulness, the person will prosperous throughout the life. Also a person with strong power and status has such formation. 

If the Bazi is inappropriate (unfavourable), for example, Day Master weak, unexpected disaster will come. If the Day Master is strong and the pattern is strange, as old saying: "weak Day Master that has Pian Guan, just like holding a dormant tiger" This is because person with Pian Guan is fast in action (agile), desire for power, good in political skill and act arbitrarily (impulse). 

Therefore, a lot of successful people has the Pian Guan chart type (ge). Also, people with this type of chart, when they think of an idea, they will straight away act on it, which is totally different from Zhen Guan type of people. 

If weak Day Master and strong Sha, the person will tend to do things to the extreme, rebellious, keep to oneself. If Day Master strong and Sha is favourable ( wang), daring and courageous in performing task, hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies but with dignity, the person has great potential.

Person with this type of chart, mostly unable to live steady life, they are mostly army personnel and politician.  If there is Pian Yin (Indirect Resources), the person can be in the profession of scholar, religious leader,  teacher, doctor, lawyer and artist.

Mostly people with Pian Guan chart type (ge), with strong Day Master, has the boldness, attractive, can endure humiliation, responsible, hardworking, quite comfortable in the competitive society. If Sha strong and Jie (same element as Day Master) weak, no affinity with siblings. If there is punishment relationship (Xing 刑克), no true friend will come and help. Because of this, there will be argument or conflict between friends and siblings. 

If there is too many type of Eating Sha (食制杀), the person will appear to be strong but timid inside and always get in trouble, suspicious and indecisive and unable to demonstrate his/her own strength, therefore can become a poor scholar. If the Officers (官杀) is complicated, the person marriage will be complicated.

Day pillar sitting on Sha and Officer Sha is complicated, there will be quarrel between husband and wife, very difficult to leave happily ever after. If Hour Pillar has Pian Guan, not a very good fate with children (less affinity). But if there is Eating God, children will most likely in the literary, art or army circles. They will obtain fame and prestige.

Year pillar has Pian Guan and weak Day Master and no control, it means grow up in poor family. If Pian Guan in Year pillar is being controlled, will probably born in the army family. 

Month pillar has Pian Guan and being controlled, life is good. 

Day Master Pian Guan, spouse is fierce, stubborn and hot tempered.

Hour pillar with Pian Guan as unfavourable element, children will not be filial.

If there is only one Pian Guan at hour stem and Day Master is strong also has Cai and Yin with no clashes, prosperous life. It is like the general who guard the stockpile - have unlimited resources.

Pian Guan unfavourable, career not smooth, Pian Guan favourable, prosperous, authority and high power.

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