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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Shí Shén - Eating God

食神 Shí Shén - Eating God

In term of relationship, represent younger generation, students, subordinates; for female chart represent daughters.

4 characteristics of Shi Shen:

1.            Shi Shen with the help from Wealth, will enjoy success.
2.            Enjoy food and entertainment, going around to make connections
3.            Lazy, love to enjoy and hate work, no fixed job.
4.            Not thrifty, have the habit of spending money.

Prosperous DM together with prosperous Shi Shen, good income, enjoy good food, plenty of wealth, no need to worry about food, magnanimous (generous), whole life carefree. 

Too many Shi Shen/Shang Guan (Output), always in laughter, anger, sorrow, and happiness, cannot keep secrets, like to indulge in empty talk, if being task to manage enterprise (own business), because of optimistic character will cause the business to fail.

Shi Shen has 3 important functions:

1.            give birth to Wealth Star
2.            output (discharge) for DM or Bi Jie
3.            control Guan (Zheng Guan and Qi Sha)

If bazi has DM strong and prosperous Shi Shen, main chart has resource star next to (or near) DM, the person must have good digestive system, strong built, know how to enjoy good food, gifted in many aspect, bright and intelligence, handsome features.

DM weak meet (e.g. during luck) prosperous Shi Shen, not healthy – always sick, it also means that the person like to use his/her petty trick to cover-up his/her shallow knowledge. (i.e. talk big to cover up) This type of people normally low in IQ, would like to show off although lack of skill.

Shi Shen chart type person normally not very diligent, not very energetic to do things (cannot follow-thru), not very entrepreneur (don’t like to startup him/herself), don’t want to move out of conform zone and always want to enjoy only. However, this type of person has one good point, once this person decided to settle down, it will not float around anymore.

If there is too many Shi Shen, the person will be stingy, only think about one’s interest and don’t care about others.

If there is a lot of resource and DM strong, chart don’t have Shi Shen/Shang Guan (Output), Wealth Star weak, even with a bit of Shi Shen/Shang Guan (Output) but far away from DM, mid to old age in resource luck, Bi Jie around, this will be poor and frustrated life; If natal chart has strong Resource Star control or clash with Shi Shen, cut off wealth resource, this indicate poor life, serious case, die young or difficult to bring up.

Day Pillar that has Shi Shen and it is favorable, Hour Pillar has Zheng Yin, means there is possibility of difficulty in giving birth or miscarriage, old age lonely and solitary.

Male chart, both husband and wife always sick.

Shi Shen become prosperous, meet Wealth Star, bright children, husband become wealthy. 

Shi Shen become prosperous, Wealth and Guan become weak, son life become high maintenance, husband will not become wealthy.

Shi Shen become prosperous, DM become weak, has the possibility of pre-mature delivery.

Shi Shen at Prosperity Peak and also favorable, become a person with Fu, Lu, Shou (prosperity and longevity) 

Shi Shen at Ageing (shuāi), the person will less fortune.

Year Pillar with Shi Shen, career improve with receive help from ancestors, steady income.

Month HS Shi Shen supporting Guan, wealthy person, suitable to become politician or government officer.

Month EB sitting on Shi Shen, person fat and gentle.

Day EB sitting on Shi Shen, spouse fat, gentle and amiable, sufficient living (always have clothes and incoming). 

Hour Pillar with Shi Shen, enjoy old age.

Hour Pillar with Shi Shen and Zheng Yin on the same pillar, lonely.

Shi Shen in Grave (mù), die young.

Zheng Yin plus Shi Shen, suit to cooperate and teaching, Zheng Yin peculiarity: patient, attentive to others, Shi Shen willing to contribute, contribute with no string attached, gentle and cultivated. Fit nicely into the society, abiding citizen, but difficult to get rich.

Shi Shen control Qi Sha: Shi Shen main points is compassionate, non-aggressive, Qi Sha is aggressive and influential. Shi Shen is just the god to remove Qi Sha’s over-bearing and unreasonable. What’s left is the enterprising and positive influence, good for DM. 

Shang Guan with Shi Shen, the person is generous. Willing to contribute without any string attached. Prefer recognition than taking advantage.

Shi Shen being on the same polarity, easily contented. Don’t worry about the outcome but more on the participation. Too many Shi Shen become Shang Guan.

Good deliverable but selflessness. Participate but not worrying about own’s contribution. Compassionate and no expectation for returns. Can be no scheming in taking care of other’s pet.

Because Shi Shen can control Qi Sha and Qi Sha being hot-tempered, it fits nicely, Shi Shen don’t like to be autocratic and don’t like to compel one’s to do matters, reserved. Orthodox and tradition.  

In Bazi if there is too many Shi Shen, like to fantasize, emotional, easily get into dead-end.

Shi Shen has high mobility, good at communication, very good at artistic expression.

The job that Shi Shen can shine is job that require a lot of talking, sports, tourism, writing (e.g. books), dancing.

The different between Shi Shen and Shang Guan is that Shang Guan is more rigid, keep on changing, strange, fashionable, but Shi Shen is only easy going, normal living, pure.

Shi Shen is produce by DM and also weaken DM, DM’s longevity.  Shi Shen as Useful God, gentle and kind character, need food as useful.

No good if too much Shi Shen, love ease and hate work, don’t want to find a job, don’t have the spirit of “bearing hardship and endure suffering” type of drive. Unrealistic thinking, extensive interest, wide interest but not through

If Shi Shen drain DM too much, but if DM has resource that is bigger than EG, no need to worry.

Shi Shen sitting on tomb (12 Qi), die young, because Shi Shen is DM longevity, when there is Year/Luck restrain (ke) or weaken, very easy from weak to enter grave.

Shi Shen become fierce, won’t die young when there is Pian Cai, Bi Jian& Jie Cai help.    

Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches all has Shi Shen, not suitable for public job, female chart bully husband type, or female high-handed type.

Shi Shen and Qi Sha on the same pillar, powerful in controlling Qi Sha, be in power type.

Shi Shen at Year Pillar, blessing from ancestor.

Shi Shen sitting on Zheng Guan, have officer luck, Shi Shen is like enlightening a sitting officer. (Chinese phrase - 开道)

Female Chart has Shi Shen, prefer discharge and easy to go into uncertainty in life. Many marriage life. DM weak, very distinct. Because Shi Shen control DM’s Guan/Qi Sha, easily degenerate.

Yang DM with many Shi Shen, suitable to work in the service industry.

Shi Shen and Pian Yin on the same pillar, has miscarriage possibility.

Bazi don’t have Shi Shen/Shang Guan, behavior normally single-minded and don’t like change, If during the year of Shi Shen/Shang Guan, there will be changes, but changes doesn’t mean career, because Shi Shen/Shang Guan fight with Guan.

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