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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Pian Yin – Indirect Resources

偏印 (Pian Yin – Indirect Resources)

In term of relationship, female chart represent mother, male chart represent grandfather or elderly or unexpected helper.

Pian Yin very good at planning, design and creativity, Zheng Yin natural disposition is lead a simple life, Pian Yin natural disposition is lonely and solitary.

Those with Pian Yin in the chart, like to learn all the funny skill, better than the teacher, good at grasping, learn thing give up half way.

Person with Pian Yin in the chart, high sensitivity in his work, would like to investigate, good at intelligence type of work, quick witted and resourceful, good at act according to circumstances.

Pian Yin chart type person have outstanding artistic talent but most of the time will think highly of themselves, therefore very difficult to get along with people, if can overcome such thinking, can benefit from one’s talent and become high achiever. 

Shi Shen chart type with Pian Yin, easy to meet up with disaster, then character will become cruel, ruthless and merciless.

Day and Hour Pillar Pian Yin too much, will be lonely in the old age.

Female chart with heavy Pian Yin, no fate with children, serious matter is those with Punishment. 
This is because in Female chart Shi Shen and Shang Guan are output which show the ability to produce offspring, this type of phenomena also depends on the entire chart circumstances, therefore no need to worry too much.  

Pian Yin stands for:

1.      Would like to develop in unconventional knowledge (religion, black art, spiritual study, special art), easily obtain good results.
2.      Always like to be in confrontation, always like to argue
3.      Don’t want to take up responsibility, have the drive to things and not much of an option. 
4.      A lot of worry some that hard to deal with.

Pian Yin at Chang Sheng (Growth), the person has no affinity to biological mother.

Pian Yin at Bath (mù yù), the person cannot stay with 1 job for long (keep changing job)

Pian Yin at Attire (guan dài) or at Coming-of-age (lín guān) or at Prosperity Peak (dì wàng), the person has no affinity to biological mother, will have good achievement in side occupation (side-line or business)

Pian Yin at Ageing (shuāi), have a lot of skills but will have to endure hardship, not much affinity with parents.

Pian Yin at Grave (mù), usually the person fine start poor finish (tiger head snake tail), fail to carry it through.

Pian Yin at Conception (tāi), usually the person has poor affinity with mother.

If year Pillar has Pian Yin as unfavorable god, the person will waste away ancestor business, give the family a bad name.

If month pillar has Pian Yin, suitable to develop in unconventional business, e.g. doctor, artist, performing artist, unrestrained business, consulting line or beautician.

If Day pillar has Pian Yin as unfavorable god then marriage will not be blissful.

If Hour pillar has Pian Yin as unfavorable god then unfavorable to children, many children but not obedient

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