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Qi Men Dun Jia Case Study - Whitney Houston

Qi Men Dun Jia Case Study - Whitney Houston
This is the first time such information is reveal to the western world. 














American pop diva with a three octave range, a spectacular video and film actress. A precocious beauty with virtuosity and lyrical authority, she began a carefully planned career in 1981 with TV commercials and guest spots. She also modeled in Glamour and Vogue and sang club dates with her mother, Cissy. With her debut album, Houston sold over 18 million copies world wide. Born into a musical family, Houston began singing in public at 12 in the New Hope Baptist Church in East Orange, NJ.

 She began modeling at 17 with shots in "Glamour" and "Vogue," and doing TV commercials. Singing "The Greatest Love of All" in her mom's club show began her career in earnest.
She signed a contract with Arista Records in 1985 and "Whitney Houston" became the best selling debut album in history, earning her a Grammy as well as seven American Music Awards. In 1988 she made $45 million.   

Although she didn't think she would marry, Houston met future husband, R&B singer Bobby Brown, in 1989. She has a squeaky clean image where he is from the streets. He proposed in September 1991 and they were married in July 1992. 

Bobbi Kristina, their first child, was born in 1993. She miscarried on 7/08/1994 and again on 12/19/1996. Houston was reportedly hospitalized after overdosing on diet pills after the birth of her daughter.   

On March 16, 2004, the singer’s publicist announced that Houston had entered a drug rehab program. Houston admitted in a December 2002 television program that she had abused drugs.
In mid-September 2006, she announced that she and Bobby Brown had separated. The singer finally and officially filed for divorce from Bobby Brown on October 16, 2006 in Orange County, CA. 

She died on 11 Feb. 2012 around 3.55 pm in the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel, CA, at the age of 48. She was due to perform at a pre-Grammy award party in Los Angeles that evening. Police said her entourage had taken up a large part of the hotel's fourth floor. The autopsy report issued some weeks later stated that she drowned accidentally in the bathtub. The report revealed heart disease and her recent and chronic cocaine use were contributing factors. 

Her Qi Men Dun Jia bazi
Her House when she died

22 North Gate Road, in Mendham, N.J. Her House is Sitting SW, Facing NE.

She died on 11 Feb. 2012 around 3.55 pm in the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel, CA

Analysis based on QMDJ Bazi

Based on the Heaven - Earth - Man (天时, 地利, 人和) concept of Qi Men Dun Jia. 

Man Aspect (人和)

Looking at her QMDJ Bazi Chart:

She is represented by Geng at Zhen 3 Palace together with Shang Men, Tian Chong and Teng She.

Mapping Earth (地利) aspect to her bazi

Her house is sitting South West and mapping that to her bazi, South West is her Si Men (dead door). So, she is living in a house that is bad for her.

Mapping Heaven (天时) to Earth and Man aspect
She died on 11th Feb 2012, which is Ren Chen Year. In her Qi Men chart, Tai Sui Ren is at Kan 1 Palace, which is Water. Tai Sui Ren is in conflict with Kun 2 Palace which is Earth and Kun 2 Palace is her house Sitting. As such, based on the Heaven, Earth and Man aspect, she died in 2012.

There are more events can be seen using Qi Men Dun Jia by mapping Heaven, Earth and Man aspect together. Students who take up the Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi and Qi Men Dun Jia Fengshui courses will be guided accordingly.

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