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Qi Men Dun Jia Case study - Marina Bay Sands Opening


 Qi Men Dun Jia Case Study - Marina Bay Sands Opening

Marina Bay Sands was open on 27th April 2010 at 15:18. The Qi Men Dun Jia chart as follow:

The Day represents Marina Bay Sands. In this chart, it is Ding at Li 9 Palace with Xiu Men, Tian Qin, Tian Rui and Liu He. Xiu Men also means relax or place of relax. So, it suited Marina Bay Sands. 

Wealth is represented by Sheng Men at Kun 2 Palace with Bai Hu. Bai Hu means ferocious and Sheng Men means wealth. So, Marina Bay Sands is making money ferociously. The most important at all is that Kun 2 Palace is in giving birth situation with Li 9 Palace. 

However, the hour chosen has it's flaw. This is because Hour is Wu at Kan 1 Palace with Jing Men and Jiu Tian. Jing Men represent blood related calamity. Jiu Tian represents something high.So, it means there will be blood related calamity with someone falls from very high floor.

Tourist fall to his death

On 12th June 2012, it was reported that a 46 years old male tourist fall to his death from the SkyPark, which is on top of the three hotel towers at Marina Bay Sands about 200m above ground. 

The incident happened before 3pm. So, the bazi chart as follow:

Mapping the incident date/time to the opening ceremony:

Ren Chen Year, Ren is at Gen 8 Palace, which originally in Kong with 20% capability, now fill up. Gen 8 Palace there is Si Men – means there is death. Chen is at Zhen 3 Palace, now fill up with Jing Men means there is shocking news. Gen 8 Palace also in restrict situation with Kan 1 Palace, the hour of opening ceremony.
Bing Wu Month: Wu at Li 9 Palace, Liu He with Tian Rui – relationship problem and in restrict situation with Kan 1 Palace. Li 9 Palace also represent Heart, so could be heart attack or head problem (mental issue)

Jia Chen Day, we use Ren, which happens to be at Gen 8 Palace also. Day Heavenly Stem also represents the tourist, with Si Men, which means the person died. Gen 8 Palace also in restrict situation with Kan 1 Palace, the hour of opening ceremony.  

Xin Wei Hour, Wei is at Kun 2 Palace is also in restricting situation with Kan 1 Palace, the hour of opening ceremony.

Kan 1 Palace is in restricted situation during the incident date and time. Kan 1 also represents middle age (the tourist is 46 years old) and with Jiu Tian and Jing Men – blood calamity due to fall from Tall Place (SkyPark).

Another Body found at MBS outdoor area

On 21 June 2012, it was reported that there is another body has been found at the outdoor area of the Marina Bay Sands. The Straits Times reported that the body was found on Wednesday night near the Rise restaurant in the hotel lobby, located on the ground floor. The police arrived at MBS at about 9.05pm according to the account of a hotel guest. 

The deceased was a 32-year-old man, who had entered Singapore on a tourist visa about a month ago, was staying in a suite on the 52nd floor of the hotel. The police had found $41,000 in the room and noted that a window was open. It is believed he had fallen from there into a courtyard next to the Rise restaurant on the ground floor.

The bazi of the incident as follow:

Like the previous incident,all the indicators are at Gen 8 Palace and Zhen 3 Palace. At Gen 8 Palace, there is Ren which is the Heavenly Stem for Year (Tai Sui) as well as Hour. Chen, which is the Tai Sui Earthly Branch is at Zhen 3 Paalce. Gui, the day Heavenly Stem of the incident is also at Zhen 3 Palace. 
This highlighted the importance of choosing a good date and the effect of Heaven - Earth - Man (天时, 地利, 人和). If a business has problem, it is because the date/time you choose to start your business is not suitable? or the place you choose does not match your bazi?

Calvin Yap
4th May 2013

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