Saturday, 7 March 2020

2020 Prediction and when COVID-19 going to ends


In Nov 2019, I did a prediction for year 2020 based on Qi Men Dun Jia. Here is what I wrote:

This year there will be a lot of conflicts and disagreements among the countries. For example, the problems with Brexit and trade war between USA & China will continue. There will be complicated trade discussion between countries.

There will be high volatility in world economy where there will be major fluctuations. We will see new highs as well as new lows.

There will be more people falling sick in 2020 and people are more concern with their health. The medical industries will see booming with business (both TCM and Western Medicine). This will include business that is health related; for example, electronic shops that sell air purifier or air cleaner will see an increase in demand.

This year, we will see more cloud/fog/sand related type of weather.  the haze issue in South East Asia will probably come back and it will be worsen. We will also see more brutal winter for the year 2020.

Job market is more volatile this year with more retrenchment as well as expansion.

The divorce rate for this year will increase as compared to last year.

The COVID-19 problem started in Dec 2019 and starts to spread across the world around Chinese New Year Period. As of Mar 2020, it has spread to many countries around the world. A lot of people come to ask me on when is this going to end?

My earlier prediction is based on the chart that I plotted using the Chinese New Year eve date and time. Using the same chart as analysis, we can see that Tian Rui is at Xun 4 Palace. Tian Rui represents sickness. Xun 4 Palace is in Kong and will fill up during May/June 2020 time frame. During this time, the illness condition will peak and whole thing will start to die off in July 2020. So, we will probably see improvement in mid June 2020. 

With all that being said, there is high possibility that there might be re-occurrence of COVID-19 or similar type of illness during the month of Nov/Dec 2020. As such, when things get better in June, you are advise to start preparing for next wave of problem in Nov/Dec 2020.

BTW, stocking up toilet paper will not help in preventing COVID-19; washing hand with soap is way much better.

Mar 2020.

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