Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rules of Divination & Basic concept of Heaven, Earth, Man


The US President election is scheduled for Tuesday, 8th Nov 2016. There are a lot of buzz going on in the internet where a lot of masters are being asked and have provided some prediction on who will win (Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton). Some masters said Donald will win, some said Hillary. Some decided to leave it open for interpretation. In addition, depending on the date and time of the question (who will win) being asked, different charts are being used and hence different in interpretation. There are also various methods being used in the prediction.  

Likewise, I was being asked to perform the prediction as well. However, I declined due to a few reasons. 

Our ancient sage had passed down rules that govern the way of doing a divination or prediction. The rules are known as three do-not-divine (三不占):
  • 无故不占、
  • 无异不占、
  • 无问不占

Rules of Divination (三不占 - aka three do-not-divine)

  • 无故不占、Wú Gù Bù Zhàn, no movement, don’t divine 
  • 无异不占、Wú Yì Bù Zhàn, nothing surprising, don’t divine
  • 无问不占     Wú Wèn Bù Zhàn, don’t ask, don’t divine
无故不占: no movement, don’t divine
        Movement is indication of something is happening.
        For example, asking for temple lot – need to shake the lot holder for the lot to drop out
        As such, if there is no indication (e.g. movement) don’t do divination

无异不占: nothing surprising, don’t divine
        “Surprise” affect human emotion, which affect human 6th sense
        “Surprise” will cause change in human mood
        Since there is change (in emotion), means there is movement.

无问不占: don’t ask, don’t divine
        If people don’t ask you, don’t divine
        It affect Cause and Effect (Karma)
        Things happen for a reason. If you can help but the person didn’t ask for help, then it is the person karma. 
        However, if you insist of helping, basically you are violating the law of nature.

Heaven, Earth, Man

Apart from these three do-not-divine rules, the divination process has to conform to the trinity rules of Heaven, Earth and Man. This is a big subject to discuss and I will discuss this on the context of divination. Mapping the Heaven, Earth and Man in the context of divination, you will get the following:

Heaven aspect is when a question is asked (e.g. who will win the presidential election) at that point in time and a divination chart is plotted. This chart could be a Yijing chart, Qi Men Dun Jia chart, Bazi chart etc.

Earth aspect is when the 3 aspect of divination being triggered (see Rules of Divination above). If there is Movement, Surprise and/or someone asking a question, then you perform the divination.

Most of the time, these 2 aspects are fulfilled. However, for a question regarding presidential election, the 2 persons that is being affected the most are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So, a divination is only accurate when this aspect is fulfilled. Now, most of the divination are done by Masters based on the question being asked by their students. It has nothing to do with Donald and Hillary coming to ask about it. As such, the aspect of Man in the Heaven, Earth, Man Trinity is missing.

Likewise, most of the time, the divination is done when these 3 aspects are fulfilled. For example, a person asking about sickness and condition, you will have:

So, all 3 aspects are fulfilled and the results of divination can be accurate.

This is one of the reason why most of the divination is not accurate as the Trinity aspect is not fulfilled.



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