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2013 Annual precaution & enhancement

2013 Annual precaution & enhancement

Below is the diagram that you normally see in the yearly Chinese Tong Shu:

Description of the diagram

The diagram describes the commanding flying star of the year (center) and the distribution of various stars in each sector.

Description of stars


The 1-White star is a positive star and it represents nobility, knowledge and wisdom. It is sometimes known as Tang Lang Star and belongs to the Water element. 1-White also represents good name and reputation.


2-Black star is a negative star and it represents sickness. It is sometimes known as Ju Men Star and it represent illness. It has the element of Earth. If your front door or bedroom is visited by 2-Black, you and your family have to be careful of illness befalling your family.


3-Jade is known as argument star and it contribute to misunderstanding and argument. It has the element of Wood and it is sometimes known as Lu Cun Star. 3-Jade will brings aggression, back-stabbing, ramous, argument and misunderstanding to the family.


4-Green is a positive star and it is a scholar star. It is also known as Wen Qu Star. It is a star of learning, academic and literacy success. It also represents romance and positive relationship. It has the element of Wood.


5-Yellow is the worst of all stars. Basically 5-Yellow brings negative calamity like bankruptcy, major illnesses and betrayal. It has the element of Earth. It is also known as Lian Zhen Star.  


6-White is the star of authority and status and has the element of Metal. It is also known as Wu Qu star. It will be auspicious if your front door is visited by 6-White. It denotes promotion or pay rise.


7-Red is a negative star and it denotes theft, robbery, injury and fire calamity. It has the element of Metal and also known as Po Jun star. Sometimes, it also represents problem caused by Peach Blossom (i.e. scandal). It also indicates surgery due to health problem.


8-White is the most auspicious star. It represents prosperity and wealth. It has the element of Earth and sometimes it is known as Zou Fu Star. When activated, it will bring wealth as a result of hard work and personal efforts.


9-Purple is also an auspicious star. It has the element of Fire and sometimes it is also known as Fu Bi Star. This star promotes beauty, joyful occasion, glory and warmth.

2013 Precaution and Enhancement

·         Remove all placement done for 2012 after 23rd Dec 2012 (before 4th Feb 2013)
o   E.g. Salt Coin Cure at SE
·         2013 placement must be done between 23rd Dec 2012 – 4th Feb 2013

Annual San Sha (三煞) – East (2013)

San Sha is the most inauspicious stars. It consists of 3 stars – Robbery Sha, Calamity Sha  and Sui Sha. (劫煞, 灾煞, 岁煞). In 2013 San Sha is at the East Sector. (67.6° - 112.5°). With San Sha at the East, we need to pay attention to our legs or liver. Extreme care should be exercised if you try to disturb the East. Be careful if your house door or bedroom is located in the East or facing East. Especially if there is any disturbance or unpleasant object (Sha Qi) coming from the East.
Keep the East sector quiet but if high human traffic or bedroom, it is better to put the following placements:
·         3 X Qiling facing out (East)
·         1 X Plant
·         1 X bucket of water

Annual Flying Star

Bad Star:
5-Yellow is at Center. Since 5-Yellow is Earth element, make sure there is no red item in the Center sector. Place a Salt Coin Cure to counter.

2-Black is at SW. Put a Metal Calabash to counter the illness star.

3-Jade is at East. 3-Jade is wood element. Put something Red (e.g. carpet) to suppress the energy.

7-Metal is at West. Make sure that there is no red item and put something blue in that area.

Good Star:
8-White which is a wealth star is at NE. Put a Citron Crystal for financial enhancement.

1-White is at North. 1-White is water element. Put 4 stalk of Lucky Bamboo for career, academic or romance enhancement.

4-Green is at SE. Put a glass of water for career, academic or romance enhancement.

9-Purple is at South. Put a plant to bring any joyful event.

Annual Tai Sui (2013)

(Optional or keep the place quiet)
·         Tai Sui is at Si (SE: 142.6°- 157.5°)
o   Put 2 X Qiling facing Out
·         Conflict Tai Sui is at Hai  (NW: 322.6°- 337.5°)
o   Put 2 X Qiling facing Out

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  1. Hi Calvin,

    I'd like to have a few questions if you don't mind. You said we should use fire to weaken #3 star. My bedroom in the East has moutain star 8, water star 6, and base star (time star) 5. If I use red (fire) would it make both 8 and 5 (both are Earth element) stronger, and in turn help 6 (strong metal)? I guess in this case we don't have to worry about 5 being helped by fire since star 6 will take care of that?

    - However, my brother's also living in the East sector of his house (period 7), anh his stars are: mountain 3, water 2, base 5. In his case, if we add fire to weaken both the mountain 3 and yearly star 3, would that also make 5 & 2 stronger and become very dangerous? In this case, should I use metal instead, like 6 metal coins with hulu, or moving metal lile a pendulum clock, to both weaken 5/2 and attack the two 3's?

    - I also have a double 7 at the main door with base 4. Can I add water here to weaken the double 7? I've read that we should never use water in the bedroom (not sure if that's true, since there are different views), so if someone has the same stars in the bedroom, can he/she replace real water with something blue, like a piece of paper, or a blue glass or a blue glass sphere?

    - Also, can I use a pendulum clock and/or 6 metal coins/hulu to counter star 5 instead of the salt water cure?

    Thank you very much for your advices.